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  • This is not New News, we that followed everything OB did, we all knew...

    • I vote for Trump to have the materials.


  • Start building the GALLOWS on the National Mall.

  • Now we know why they don't want President Trump to be re-elected all this will come out and Americans will know what our leaders have been doing just for their own good 

    • Yep ... it will all hit the fan!


  • That would be called TREASON if the fraud and usurper barry soetoro aka barack husein obama was actually a US Citizen ! 

    • And let's not forget Soros!!!


    • There was so much evidence he was not. THE MSM protected him fully.  From Memory I think there was a Gallo or Gallup Report, I would have to research.

      He was not eliglbe. period end.

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