Trump: John Brennan was the worst CIA director in US history

The CIA Inspector General has taken more than a year to clear the release of a House Intelligence Committee report which contradicts the key conclusion of the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to the former chief of staff of the National Security Council.

The January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), prepared at the behest of President Barack Obama, claimed that Russia interfered in the presidential election in order to help candidate Donald Trump. The House Intelligence Committee’s public report (pdf) on Russia had already challenged the analytic tradecraft behind this central claim and suggested that the process of arriving at the assessment was not free of political interference.

A separate, classified report holed up at the office of the CIA Inspector General (IG) sheds damning light on the role then-CIA Director John Brennan played in the preparation of the report, former National Security Council Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz learned from House Intelligence Committee staff. A source familiar with the report’s fate would not deny that the report went to the office of the CIA IG.

The report states that Brennan overruled agency analysts who wanted to include strong intelligence in the assessment to show that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election, Fleitz says, citing conversations with House Intelligence Committee staffers. Brennan had also rejected analysts who wanted to strike weak intelligence from the report which suggested that Russia favored Trump, Fleitz said.

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  • Let them all Bark but be on Notice to the World and our Governments, "Beware of the American Dogs. They Bite!"

     Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • that's right


  • first of all Russia is a communist country and why is Russia interested in a capitalist government? 2nd question Obama and all of his administration is not for capitalist government why are they saying that Russia interfere with the 2016 election? something is not right here of which Donald Trump was born here he is not a communist at all so the third question is who is truely behind all of this story? I believe it's Obama and George Soros and all of his fans that is behind those elegation let's get to the bottom of this.

  • You don't expect a snake to act like a lamb. John Brennan is a snake. He revealed himself as such during the Obama regime. He and Trump were ideologically and tempermentaly at opposite ends of the political and practical spectrum. When I first heard about the ICA and that Brennan had a major role in it, that Susan Rice sent an email to herself to cover Obama's ass, that Comey briefed Trump on the dossier, it took me about 30 seconds to realize that they had schemed an entrerprise against Donald Trump. It took almost 4 years for fact to come out that confirmed my conclusion, but no facts or evidence were ever introduced between Jan 2017 and today that made me doubt my initial assessment. Why? Because when you know how a snake behaves what he/she does is totally predictable. John Brennan is the incarnation of the original snake in the Garden of Eden.

    When James Comey exhonerated Hillary Clinton I knew instantly that he too was another filthy snake. Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch are all of the same species. Full of lies, deception, evil schemes, preying on the innocent, trampling on our rights, and probably worse which we may still not know about (like the revelations about another snake, Joe Biden). A snake cannot become a dove. He will always be a snake!

  • Brennan should be frogmarched to the gallows!!!

  • The only way for the American People to punish all the "Wrong Doers" in Washington D.C., is to Vote them out of "Office and replace them with Trump-Like Patriots" who Factually believe in our Constitution and the American Way of Life. The American People can further punish the "Wrong Doers", by secondly, and openly admitting that "Half Truths are still Lies", they are just "Manipulated Lies! Third, to Stand Proud in being "Number One" even in Blatant Overconsumption! Finally, Cease all attempts at "Political Correctness!" It is just confusing , displays ignorance, intolerance, and furthers "Racial and Sexual Seperations. "

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


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