• "Let me explain why I did or said nothing about anything to anyone for four years and the exact reason this makes me enough of an expert about things I do not remember or was privileged to, for gullible people to buy my book so I can go far, far away and be never heard no more!" "And for an extra $10.00, I'll sign my book so you will have an autographed book by no one you'll remember of nothing they knew about!" There are literally thousands of these types of books in Bargain Bins, Garage Sales, Goodwill Stores, and on the "Free Pile" in most Senior Centers. All of them Brand New, or partially read.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The reason she waited until the 6th was she had no job to go to... no money.  Her book is a lifeline and she is willing to say or do almost anything to sell it.... including promoting bashing her former employer Mrs. Trump and anyone else if it sells a book.  She'd be more credible if she had not written a tell-all book and had been a more supportive member of the Trump team.  She is one of the reasons Trump's administration was leaking critical information all of the time.

  • Spare me please!!!

  • She was there the entire time and hated herself for being there? Who would do four years willingly if hey hated to get up in the morning. Look at that face, the look on her face is "feel sorry for me, I'm a victim, please believe me, I want to sell my book". Who forced her to stay? Trump trusted people's recommendations, sure had some real creeps around him, I only hope he learned how to weed.

  • shes a wanna be


  • Exactly, "why should we believe you"? She's all about the $$$....let's sell some books. What a troll!

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