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    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  Isn't it interesting that all those wanting babies aborted aren't willing to apply their wants to themselves?????

  • Ring, ring, ring - "Hello Mitch here", "Mitch this is Chuck Schumer calling to tell you that we demand the hearings for ACB be postponed due to covid". Sorry Chuck not going to happen, 😭😭😭 then i'm going out back of the capital and eat some worms, take that"...

  • upchuck is a traitor so full of satan he can't be sensible!!!!!

  • Demand all you want A***holes

  • Joe Biden is a racist.


    Joe Biden grabbed a microphone. What happened next was every Democrat’s nightmare - Patriot Pulse
    With polls showing him in the lead, Joe Biden is coming out of his bunker and engaging in more campaigning. That’s causing problems for Biden. Joe Bi…
  • These pieces of democrat should not be allowed in public after disgracing themselves with a fake prosecution of a duly elected POTUS

  • FUCK CHUCK THE SCMUCK! What does this say about the people that vote this prick into office time after time? Aren't we all tired of the nasty & sucky show. I hope every real American comes out and votes these communists out of office. T R U M P  2020

  • The Democrats are so insistent on packing the supreme court....well.....President Trump is in office....perhaps he should ablidige them and pack it himself with nothing but conservative jurist.  Trump is very good at calling bluffs, and can  you imagine the leftist reactions if he were to announce that..?


    chuck you schumer. how many times have you Not worn a mask, traveled and stayed in "Brooklyn NY in the past few months ? you and pelosi ar two of the biggest liars, whiners and anti Americans in DC. Are your eye glasses permenetly glued tp your lower nose ?


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