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    • Oh yeah... that's the same Barr who found no need to prosecute anyone in the DOJ or FBI over the FISA fraud, spying on the president, or upon review of the Hillary Clinton criminal enterprise.  Now he finds no evidence of Election or Voter Fraud... Perhaps, someone needs to show AG Barr the way to the DOOR if he can't find it himself... he needs to be summarily fired and barred from ever entering the DOJ building again.

    • it's ashamed no one is standing for the truth anymore.

    • Well said, Jeff.  When one looks at the history of the Catholic Church since Vatican II, one will see that the Modernist liars have taken over the high clergy.  The result is that the transcendent God is no longer revered.  The meaning of the words have totally changed.  Once the moral teaching of the Church was non-negotiable.  Now the US Bishops have declared "The Seamless Garment Approach to Pro-Life" that equates favoring a guaranteed annual income (socialism) with the absolute sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.  With the bishops sold out, would not the laity sell out? "if God does not exist, then everything is permitted. If there is no God, then there are no rules to live by, no moral law we must follow; we can do whatever we want"., said Fyodor Dostoevsky in the Brothers Karamazov.  

    • thanks Charles


    • Without God, the laws of society become the dictates of man... arbitrary and pernicious, subject to constant review and change.  God's laws are just, eternal, and consistent... they change not.  Without God might, makes right.  Man's inhumanity unto his own kind will fracture any meaningful civil order, leaving every man to defend his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... There will be no restraint on what evil men conceive.

    • without God there is no law.


    • Barr has worn out my patience. I am convinced he is deep state and needs to be thrown out of his position of trust, that he has completely violated, all while he has lied to Trump's face. 

    • man will worn your patient my friend


    • What can we expect... AG Barr is first and foremost a LAWYER... a pettifogger of renown.  Betrayal is part of his profession.  Men like him are the reason the rule of law has become a joke.

    • that is interesting


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