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    • van, he prays to his "god", satan!!!!!

    • that's right


  • I'm disappointed, too, as I indicated in my previous comment ...but since we don't know what is actually happening, the whole context of Barr's remarks (AP has ruined its once-sterling reputation by deliberately selectively quoting people) let's give this a but more time to see how it plays out.

    • This has gone past Barr, it is in the hands of the acting Secretary of Defence, all answer to him.

    • Let's hope that is true... AG Barr did nothing to help correct and expose the election fraud... he needs to be it would be impossible for him not to have known and then to do nothing is inexcusable.

  • I did call my Senator today to say why do they want to confirm Joe Biden's cabinet?

    • because they want Trump out and the New World Order in!!!!!

    • very interesting never thought of that.


  •  I have a question why are they in a hurry to confirm Joe Biden's cabinet?

  • Where is AG Barr? He's busy blowing smoke up Biden's butt today saying DOJ has found no evidence of widespread voting fraud.

    Ain't that just swell?

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