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  • Where do we find such corrupt ppl to run this Nation? and still in office after all these years!


    • Stupid people keep voteing for them!

    • And lots of dead people who vote numerous times!!!!!

  • Schumer should be "waterboarded"!!!!

    • Gary, I have been waterboarded, scary and unpleasant but not that bad.  Schumer needs to be hanged for TREASON!!!!!

    • So you bring a bucket full and I'll bring the skateboard.

      I saw one used in the mostly peaceful Washington state demonstration/riot videos.


      Come to think of it, bring more than one bucket. That kind of sleaze doesn't wash off easy.


      Dirty Old Man – × allgoodthings

    • Why waste good water on Schumer... he needs to be covered with honey and staked out on a Red Ant Hill... face up with toothpicks in his eyelids to keep them open.

    • OH! YES

    • The toothpicks are a nice touch.

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