• Do they pay this dumb pr**k? God help us if these retards get into office.           TRUMP 2020 is the savior of our Republic!

  • Cry me a RIVER chuckieBOY, what a total WASTE of space that ARE!

  • What alternative universe do WE live in?!   A Democrat DARES to accuse the RIGHT of living outside reality?!  I will NEVER understand how these people can ignore HARD PROOF of criminal behavior. 

  • Giving Chucky Schumer the time of day is a total waste of time, much less listening to anything he has to say about anything. New Yorkers must be brain dead to keep electing this clown.

  • I know deMoncrats are liars, but HOW with all the evidence and he actually say that

    • He can say it because the Democrat party in a sense,a CULT!


    • The same way Jerry NAdler said the riots in Portland were a myth....

  • Anyone with half a brain and can read (which leaves out many high school grads)  knows how obvious it is that him and his whole family is corrupt. 

  • Fuck you,Chuck!

  • Hunter's laptop is the October surprise that kills Biden's campaign. All Americans can see how corrupt the Biden family is. They'll vote for the honest and straight talking Trump who they know has kept all his promises. He made America great again. Trump 2020!

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