4585450060?profile=RESIZE_710xJust how deep did the rot go at the FBI and DOJ? It apparently wasn’t just James Comey and his merry band misusing their power to target their opponents during the first few years of the Trump presidency. Chuck Grassley revealed in a letter this week that Rod Rosenstein also resisted any oversight of the Michael Flynn case.

This comes after revelations that the DOJ not only had evidence they hid from Flynn, but that his own son was being used against him to force him to plead to something he didn’t do.

The above letter is a demand to current AG Barr to go ahead and unseal the records so Congress can see exactly what took place. Rosenstein, who deftly managed to play the middle throughout the Mueller ordeal, has often been held up by some conservatives as just “doing his job,” unworthy of criticism. In reality, it looks as if he was just as entrenched as the rest who’ve been exposed. Given his role at the time, he knew exactly what his own department did to Flynn and was continuing to do regarding his case.

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  • The FBI is a bureau of the Department of Justice, under the direct supervision of the Attorney General... AG Barr, AG Sessions,  AG AG Holder, and  AG Lynch each served during the crisis period involving all the open corruption taking place in the FBI.

    • You can be the head of the DOJ (Sessions, Barr) but that doesn't mean you have control over the rest of them. Sad how fluid they all were under Obama.

    • This attitude is precisely why many supervisors in the government give up and let things spin out of control... in fact, good leaders know how to use the tools they are given ... the law and regulations to discipline their staff and subordinates.. they are not ignorant for the need to hold others STRICTLY ACCOUNTABLE  for their actions.  One can not permit even the appearance of corruption and lawlessness in the DOJ... and its staff.  Those found untrustworthy of their offices need to be fired not retrained.... at this level of government one doesn't get second chances... such mistaken clemency leads to massive breakdowns in discipline and order over time.

    • Hey! peter because Obama was speaking their language and he is not a leader period. 

    • Barr has to go outside the current DOJ & FBI just to get additional help.

  • Both Plea and Immunity Agreements must be truthful... if the facts in either type of agreement are later found to be false the agreements are not binding.  Hillary Clinton's staff were provided immunity agreements... sealed immunity agreements... in an effort to criminally avoid prosecution... those agreements are all void and AG Barr knows this but still refuses to prosecute ... he has now become an accessory to the crimes committed for his obstruction of justice and material assistance to aid Hillary and others to avoid prosecution.  Time to hold everyone in the DOJ who have violated thelaw accountable... the President is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer by Constitutional mandate he must now relieve AG Barr and most of the upper echelons of the DOJ and FBI... to pursue criminal indictments with a Grand Jury for those members of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, and State Department for their unlawful acts. It is the President's Constitutional duty to 'TAKE CARE" that the laws of the United States be faithfully executed. Those advising the President he has no such powers need to be removed from his staff and their government positions.

    • Isn't it going too far to saddle a new AG (& Prez) with the responsibilities for the last 10 yrs of corruption? There's not enough time & honest people to clean up a mess like this. I'm surprised to see this much uncovering going on even now, at this rate won't there be "some" indictments & prosecution? I have always thought that Barr's job is to referee a fixed fight, he has to contain this investigation from exposing any more than has already been seen (god only knows how bad it really is). Forget about Hillary, Ukraine & Uranium One, we're lucky if see any of the FBI/DOJ lawbreakers we already know see justice.

    • Wrong... The US Constitution demands the President "Take Care' that the laws of the United Staes be faithfully executed... it is one of his PRIMARY Constitutional duties to enforce the law. 

      The President has no constitutional duty to expand our economy...  too locate respirators, or to defend foreign countries from despotic governments. Pres. Trump is the singular Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer... it is his duty to clean out the swamp in DC and he has done... nada, or little to nothing, to effectively stop or remove the lawless conduct in government.

      It isn't the last 10yrs that concerns me... it is the current 4yr term of the President and his PROMISE to DRAIN THE SWAMP that is foremost on my list of concerns.  I am not interested in how we got here... I am interested in returning to Constitutional Government and the righteous application of law and order in the United States.  The past 10yrs were not conducive to law and order any more than the last 50yrs... However, dwelling on the past will not clean up the present or guarantee the future will be any better.

    • I don't see the Democrats in prison


    • Neither do they... as they believe they are above the law.

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