• This is what I was Taught as a young boy,(now an old man) Being part Native American; How smooth must be the Language of the Whites, when they can make RIGHT look like WRONG and WRONG look RIGHT- BlackHawk, Sauk. The language hasn't changed over the past 200+ years... My Grandfather said ONLY IF YOU LET THEM

    • Granddather was not wrong.

      Antics with Semantics. 

    • Humans of all races have been perverting their respective languages since the beginning of mankind. Don't try to come off as if Native Americans are somehow above the rest of their fellow human beings and never told a lie or misrepresented the truth. It has nothing to do with the language and everything to do with how you use it.


  • That’s the God’s honest truth. I hope these judges and DA’s that have enabled this monster for years ,take ownership of their culpability . If only to themselves may they have the certain knowledge of their stinking guilt to the many victims past and present. Blood on their hands.




  • He's being Demonized because he's a demon! If justice was being served, they'd lay him out in the street and run over him with a truck!

    • I love your idea! 


    • Yeah, an ore hauler from the mines. 

  • this piece of excrement is a career violent criminal who should have not been running around loose but libtards who only care about criminals let him out so he could kill these people.  If he was white every libtard in politics, the Pravda/Goebbels fake news media and the bleeding heart hollywierd scum would be screaming for him to be executed yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

    • The liberals let these people out after committing various crimes and look what happened

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