If you watch the fake news liberal propagandists you will hear a constant barrage of lies about how badly moslems are persecuted by conservatives in America but the truth is actually the polar opposite.  Moslems are worshipped by liberals in America while Christians are daily accused of spreading hate because we refuse to accept islamic demands that we bow to satan/ their "god".  American Christians don't yet face physical persecution but it is on the way.  Liberal democrat governors have demanded that churches close voluntarily or face permanent forced closure due to the alarmist lies about the china virus.  Yes, the coronavirus is very contagious and poses serious health concerns for some but it isn't nearly as bad as portrayed by the fake news propagandists and their democrat party bosses.  The overall death rate is somewhere around .002%, that is 2/1,000 th of one percent for the overall population.  Sure, elderly people are more susceptible but the death rate for healthy elderly people still isn't that bad, certainly no worse than the seasonal flu we see every year.

The only place I know of that persecutes moslems is Communist China, the only country I know of that persecutes every non-state religion.  The Ueghers, a moslem sect in China, is treated as bad as Christians but we don't see that in the fake news media because it doesn't fit their anti-God, anti-America agenda.  The fake news propaganda machine also does not acknowledge how Christians are persecuted in China (, primarily, I believe, because they don't want to undercut their lies about America being "islamophobic".  Right now in America Christians are daily denigrated, ostracized, and slandered by liberals, and treated with disdain as "mentally dependent  on using religion as a crutch".  I can't deny, nor do I want to, deny that I depend on my faith in Jesus Christ to live my life.  Every human being has to depend on something to get through life.  For me it is the help of Jesus Christ, for liberals it is government or self, but mostly government.  Jesus is a much more dependable "crutch" to lean on because He never changes and will never abandon me as government will abandon those who depend on it, and my reliance on Jesus gives me eternal security, something that definitely can't be said for government bureaucrats and politicians who are primarily out for themselves.  Jesus died a horrible death on the cross for me to benefit now and for eternity.  I have not yet seen a politician or bureaucrat that is willing to sacrifice anything for We the People until Donald Trump took office and denied the salary the Presidential office guarantees.  President Trump doesn't need the money and he would rather see American taxpayers benefit rather than putting more in his pocket.  We the People will NEVER see the likes of nutty nancy pelosi, upchuck schumer, or any of their ilk turn down taxpayer funds for themselves.

Physical persecution may soon be a reality in America as there are those in the democrat party and other liberal groups that speak of just that.  The democrat candidate for president in 2020, joe (dementia) biden has stated that he would designate Christianity as a terrorist group for our refusal to accept homosexuals, the fake "transgender" movement, and pedophiles as "normal" behaviors.  Christians call for repentence, not execution as moslems do, to solve homoisexuality but liberals consider us hateful and moslems, who kill homosexuals, as merely exercising their 1st Amendment rights.  How is killing someone for sexual perversion acceptable but calling for them to change their ways is a "hateful and violent" abuse of our opinions?  If democrats ever get control of the Oval office and both houses of congress we Christians will very likely see ourselves quickly rounded up and either immediately killed or sent off to the FEMA concentration camps that are already built, staffed, and equipped to house us until we can be disposed of in the liberal version of "the final solution".  I am sure Jews will be right behind us because liberals only hate Christians more than they hate Jews.


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