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  • And the Media gave it less than Ten Seconds of Air Time in the State where it occurred. A Sanctuary State. A LBGQT State. The State with the Second Highest Number of Laws in the Nation, California being First. A State with a 560% increase Murder Rate over 2020. A State with one of the highest Property Taxes. A State where the Police have been Ordered Not To Attend Any Traffic Accident Unless Bodily Injuries are involved. A State where Insurance and License to operate A Motor Vehicle are Not Enforced/Punished. A State where anyone can Vote Without Identification of Residency/Citizenship. A State where Working Citizens are forced to live in Government Provided Tents because State Assistance Housing is Solely Reserved for Illegal Aliens. A State where Illegal Aliens are directed to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain "Photo Identification" necessary for renting apartments, obtaining electricity, Natural Gas, Work, and Social Services, all via Oral Oath sans evidence, while simultaneously being asked, " would you like to Register to Vote at this Time?" (All in Spanish! " Vast areas of Portland are very risky for any non LBGQT, Non.Progressive Socialist Democrat, "Non Minority" to walk/drive in during daylight, and a "Complete No Man's Zone" in the Dark! Welcome to the Nightmare.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • OK, you turned the other cheek, and you prayed for them.  These people are antifa and blm, they are bolsheviks. This is communism, they hate and destroy for no reason. The only way to stop them is by superior force. Like rabid animals, when encountered they must be destroyed.

    • Absolutely. They came off looking weak and foolish instead of strong and filled with faith and willing to stand up and fight back against the enemy. They put their God to shame!

    • That's it!!  It's time to fight back - with bullets, fire and ANYTHING that will kill every last one of these effin' Marxists!!

  •  Praying.  Jesus IS taking care of this without  doubt. He knows how to take care of all this  and is directing each of His own in every instance.  

  • Just another sign of the last days, most churches can't get people to show but once a week.  The disciples all suffered tremoundsly for the Gospel . One question not what would Jesus do? But what did John, Peter, and Paul do?  what did Thomas do?  You stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ period. That don't mean go buy a gun . That we everyone that calls themselves a Christian and stand for the Gospel. This is where we are when Church has not been the Church. We have let too much slide. and tried to just get along!!

  • Antifa better confine themselves to areas where they have support of the local government --- other areas will hurt their cowardly selves 

  • There is a war brewing. Buy your guns NOW. The enemy has no morals and will do anything. We must be willing to do anythink back. It ain't gonna be pretty. Be prepared to get blood on your hands, maim and kill. Unless they are put down we are not safe. Buy your guns now!!

  • If these attacks by these thugs is not stopped, violence will become a weapon of defende. Law enforcement must step up and protect these events from the Thugs.

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