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The left believes Christians should be free to worship whatever sky-fairies they want, providing it’s a part-time commitment behind closed doors.

While interviewing Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, last week, CNN’s Chris Cuomo expressed concern that Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s faith appears “more central to her value system and her behavior and thoughts than it would be for just an ordinary Catholic.”

Cuomo went on to suggest in an interview with former 2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg that people’s faith “doesn’t matter,” but their policy positions affected by it do. What on earth does this mean?

“It doesn’t matter if you have faith; it matters about your positions. Fine, you’re a Christian. I’m a Christian,” Cuomo said to Buttigieg, going on to smear the “devout organization” People of Praise. “This is more than just every Sunday. This is more than just a moral backstop in [Barrett’s] life. This is a fundamentalist approach to her faith.”

Although we shouldn’t take too seriously the theological musings of a person who saw nothing wrong with Don Lemon’s outrageous statement that Jesus Christ “was not perfect,” the CNN anchor’s observations here on the role of faith do warrant some reflection.

A True Christian Isn’t an Ordinary One

What does it mean to be an “ordinary” Catholic — or any “ordinary” Christian, for that matter? How is “faith” different from moral “positions”? Do we agree with Cuomo’s insinuation that Christian faith should be no more than a weekly Sunday commitment, if that, and then back to the “secular world” on Monday?

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  • Democrats; when being an @hole is it's own reward

  • Christianity isn't a Sunday Hobby, it's a lifestyle. It is also protected by the Ist Amendment of the U.S Constitution. I wonder if Cuomo would say these things to and about a Muslim candidate?  Maybe if Chris and Andrew were truly men of Faith instead of corrupt Thug Brothers, they could actually do something GOOD for America, instead of being evil, anti-freedom, narcissists. They WILL both see God someday, but only long enough to get a free ride South.

  • hey cuomo if you hate christians fine but just remember they take vacations and spend money so if you don't want to be around christians fine they won't come to your state and spend their vacation money else where

  • the anti christ doesn't mind you claiming to be a christian as long as you take the mark

  • love how the catholic church never rebukes elected officials who claim to be catholic but regularly vote for things in congress that violate vatican dogma like abortion, and homosexuality

    • The Laodicea church.


  • No big deal, satan has a spot reserved for cuomo and every other God hater in the world.

  • We really need to eliminate the destructive demonrats from American soil. They are destryoing our way of life, our freedom and liberties.

  • Fredo, you should probably just keep your pie hole shut.

  • This heathen is simply a L-U-C-I-F-E-R-I-A-N (opposite of Lutheran -- carefully read the definition of Luciferian)  and over half of the Roman Catholics are not devout Roman Catholics, And the Pope is off the hook liberal and liberation theology nutter, -- I was a Catholic before I was a Protestant Christian and I know the difference.  and now a big chunk of Protestants is liberal theology (progressive Modernity) as well.  What does it mean to be an "ordinary" Catholic?  Ordinary Catholic is a liberal Catholic, a Liberation Catholic, a Social Justice Catholic.  But back to what the Luciferian Cuomo is trying to push ... He and his Luciferian colleagues are warring against "Christianity" in the United States!  

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