• Talk, talk, talk. Everyone talks and threatens but nobody actually does anything. Talk doesn't scare them. Action does. Wake me up when something actually starts happening. Hasn't it occurred to anybody yet that nobody's going to do anything until Trump is back in?

  • Why doesn’t EVERY state support Texas? This is not only a Texas problem. This is a national problem! These illegals migrants will end up in your community if they are not stopped at the Texas border. Help Texas.

  • Isn't is far easier to pick apart others solutions and positive attitudes than to come up with ones of your own. Critics have always found this to be true.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • There is plenty of room for both.  If you see a submarine with a screen door, you should say something.  And yeah, that's a lot easier than building a submarine.

  • So WHY doesn't Gov Abbot defy biden and call in his natl guard to protect the border, not just a few, but all the guard? Hmmmmm

    • Exactly and, or call for other red state governors to send help as well, to send volunteer detachments from their national guards.  Perhaps because he is a coward playing the professional politician game of saying just enough to satisfy half of his brain dead constitutents while alternatively doing nothing substantive.  It's a RINO trick career guys use to preserve their careers.  It's called selling out America and your constitutents who gave you their vote.

  • Do it today! 

  • The hypocricy of the left is staggering.   Chip Roy's speach here is soooo proof of this.  The left could care less about what is happening at the border or further more care less what happens to Texas or any state for that matter that has to deal with this migrant crisis.   But....the only crisis the left recognizes is the "so called" Covid crisis.  They get more political kidos from the Covid mess than any other issue.  So sad and sick to see this happening to the USA now.

    • YES!

    • Since you brought it up, the chinese virus pandemic deaths currently appear to be much more a result of taking the VACCINES than any virus itself,


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