Sometime early in August, the news of a certain Chinese virologist by the name of Dr. Li-Meng Yan broke out after she claimed that the whole coronavirus was actually derived from the known Zhoushan bat virus.

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In a certain live stream interview with the known YouTube channel called G-Translator on August 5, Dr. Yan Li-Meng alleged that the whole coronavirus actually came from the People’s Liberation Army or PLA’s very own lab. Dr. Yan then, later on, fled her own home country in fear for her safety.

The known Chinese National Health Commission together with the University of Hong Kong has since then disputed her strong claims. The allegations also included Dr. Fauci saying that he actually knew the harmful potential but chose not to act.

Dr. Fauci is a big name when it comes to fighting COVID-19 considered as the government’s top infectuous disease expert even publishing tips and giving advice on how infection can be avoided.

Before the actual start of the whole COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Li-Meng Yan was still working at a certain Hong Kong School of Public Health. She then turned into a whistleblower herself on the whole Chines Government after she had alleged that they actually knew about the reality of the spread of the coronavirus even before publicly acknowledging the dangerous outbreak.

Dr. Yan then claimed that she had to flee to the US for her very own safety and is also now determined to speak about her findings to the whole world.

Dr. Yan had also further alleged that the White House health advisor known as Dr. Fauci actually knows much more than her with regards to how they approved the previous gain-of-function research findings in order to (fund) the particular Chinese labs that were under the whole CCP’s control.

She said Dr. Fauci had more information than her and was also more invested in the whole project. A previous article by Newsweek was actually published that stated allegations that Dr. Fauci was actually funding the coronavirus with the use of US dollars!

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  • Fauci is an introvert, they are drawn to science and medicine. They think they are superior people, this is undisputed fact from psychology. FWIW they downgrade extraverts and don't value us much at all. I'd say he has no moral center basically, just does whatever it takes to make the $, tramples inferior people, probably buys into the ideas of population reduction, who knows...

    • Oh, come on. I'm an introvert, but I have never thought that way about myself. If anything, I have thought and felt myself lower than anyone else.


    • Really?  All introverts are arrogant narcissists, thinking they are superior? 

      Everyone?  Thinks the same?  About everyone who is an extrovert? You don't think you are being simplistic? Geo. Washington was an introvert. Do you think that about him?

      Just wondering. 

  • This virus came to us by way of China yes, but the original research came from our own government and Dr. Fauci was right in the middle of the research. Early in Obama's first term our government began the research into the coronavirus, even going so far as to gain numerous patents under different headings relating to this virus and future vaccines. Then the government got cold feet and stopped the research. Well this didn't set well with Fauci, so he was able to surreptitiously send this research along with 3.7 million dollars out of the country to the Wuhan virulology lab in China. To which they then allowed it to spread here and around the globe.. Dr. Fauci and anyone else who are listed as owners of the patents pertaining to the coronavirus, vaccines and any related research, including those patents which were granted under the radar, must be investigated for crimes against humanity, and if found guilty pay the ultimate price, with a sentence of death, just like they sentenced so many around the world....

    • Fauci, yes and what about those so-called Chinese scientists caught trying travel out of the US, with numerous vials of "unidentified" material?  No doubt, also paid by fauci and fraudbama, to smuggle that material out to Wuhan Labs, so they could finish "perfecting" it.

    • PS-"fauci and fraudbama" - - -sounds like a virus all by itself!

  • Did BO appoint facist fauci?

  • Ah, yes - -just as I said, in the very beginning of this mess; that the Chinese "intentionally launched a bioweapon on US" and Dr. Yan has now proven what I said - -THANK YOU, Dr. Yan.  Notably, she has exposed this at great peril to herself, so President Trump, please, provide some security for her.  She can, no doubt, help us to eliminate the continued threat of this pandemic and, at the same time, proceed to "reveal" the depths our "Dr. faky fauci" has stooped to.  If that can be proven and he is an American citizen, lock the bastard up for life, OR execute him, along with the rest, who so RICHLY deserve that treatment!!

  • The hammer is coming down on anyone not loyal to Trump, anyone working against the President of the Unites States of America, and any deep state operative. It will be widespread and Fauci definitely won't be the only one who will go down.

  • fauci aint a dr. he is a marxist.

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