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  • Counter sue for treason, slander, & falsely representing himself as a senator. 

  • Suit ain't gonna fly..! MONEY-MONEY -MONEY Makes it all better..! They ARE without legs to stand on..! The only way it would fly would be by a LEFTIST Activist Judge- then he still can't pull rabbits out of his or her ass..! Trump Needs To Counter The Attach..!

  • Some day they will succeed in turning this country into a Full Tilt Communist Hell- They are trying but it isn't time yet - I don't think  it lines with Holy Scripture Just Yet and These Bastards ARE Going To Pay For Everything They Have Done and They WILL Be Facing Military Tribunals and Will Be Stood Befor A Firing Squad For Treason..!

  • does anyone realize that this is purely Demonic?

  • Swollow-Well needs to be terminated. PERIOD!

  • Hang the traitor from the gallows

  • Drek like this governing the greatest country ever?.............The Rise and Fall of the U.S...................History said.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$

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    • That's what SHOULD happen,but won't.


    • YES, I shure hope you are right!


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