• "They are content to share power as long as they can get what they want... "

      With "Orange Man Bad" in the GOProom, that promises to be hazardous if continued.

      Orange Man Bad, But Not Red - True Tales, Well Told

    • "However, it is beginning to appear that the GOP is full of pretenders... RINO's or worse, outright Marxist Democrat Plants, posing as Republicans."

      I'd say it is better to find out earlier than later.

    • Well I can and will tell what Republicans can do.  They can file impeachment charges and make everyone go on the record as for, or against.  Let impeachment go as far as it can.  Republicans could have also killed that infrastructure bill, but they didn't.  They helped pass it.  How the governemt is supposed to work, really?  Is htat what you wish to speak to?  When was the last time this government worked as it was intended to work?  And coups aren't illegal.  The last coup wasn't illegal was it?  Coups are neither legal, or illegal.  They are successful, or failed.  You madam and this stolen system, which you endorse are the frauds and fakes.  You and your argument is what is counterfeit on this page along with your illegal seizure of our government through a fraudlent election, which your Republican Party took part in.  Talk about the monkey's brass appendage!  What gall! 

    • Exactly Lopez...

      Hundreds of motions to consider articles of impeachment (of all appointed traitors in the Biden Admin) should flood the House every day... Calls for quarum counts forcing members of Congress to be present on the floor every day... shutting down much of their external interference with good government.  Procedural motions requiring in-person counts... by the hundreds should be brought daily. The GOP could shut down the House with such tactics... or threats, followed up with demonstrations... the Democrats do this every time they lose power in the House... These are tried and true tactics.

      The GOP Governors need to coordinate the DEFENSE OF OUR SOUTHERN BORDER and tell the Federal Government to move or or do their job for them... they have the Constitutional right to do so under Article 1, Section 10, clause 4 and Article 4, Section 4.  Each GOP-controlled state government needs to declare a State Emergency proclaiming the INVASION of our Southern Border is resulting in massive increases of criminal and economic hardship demanding immediate action to avoid any further deterioration of our social services, and national security.  They then need to issue orders and a plan to defend the southern Border in the GOP States... closing them down to all but essential commercial traffic until Mexico responds by removing the invaders from their territory...

      When the Federal Government moves to declare the defense illegal ... let EVERY STATE LEGISLATURE AND GOVERNOR DECLARE THE AGENTS OF THE ADMINISTRATION... TREASONOUS and issue State arrests warrants for them all... They are certainly committing treason by refusing to properly defend our Southern Borders...

      Note:  With 26 States in full mobilization and their State National Guard with orders to defend our Southern Border... any attempt to stop the States from acting constitutionally could be met with the force of arms or law enforcement where necessary... The massive martialing of their military forces would cause real panic in the MSM and the elite powers behind all this CRAP... It is PAST time to show our teeth, to defend our Constitution and TO ARREST THOSE COMMITTING TREASON before it is gone.  The GOP leadership needs to get on board with their base or be prepare to move to CHINA.  We are at a seminal moment in our Nations's security and continued Constitutional government.  We must not fail.

    • The Democrat plan is to prop Biden up for 2 years, then get rid of him and make Harris president (our third unelected president.) If they remove Biden before 2 years, Harris can only be "elected" once more. If they remove Biden after 2 years, Harris can be "elected" twice more. If Biden dies before 2 years, they'll put him in a freezer until 2 years have passed since his "inauguration" and pretend he's still alive.

    • Unfortunately, Eileen, most of the entrenched Repubs are just the flip side of the corrupto coin. They blather but protect the status quo. The likes of McConnell (who's wife is Elaine Chow and they are in bed with China for personal gain), Lindsay Graham who talks out of both sides of his mouth and their ilk will never lift a finger to fight for us. All blow and no show. We are on our own. They fought against Trump his whole Presidency. He was the outsider who dared to shake their cushy nests. We are being taken down from within by both sides of the aisle. It's disheartening and the only thing that will change course is a massive uprising from we the people.

    • Sad but true

    • STAND 

    • I agree. How do we help, though? Don't say by replacing those in office because I don't think we will ever have another fair election. 

  • Yes. The enemy has thrown out the rule book, as we all know. The only way we are ever getting power back is by playing by OUR OWN RULES. That's the only way to beat them.

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