• There are enemies and competitors. Anyone in touch with reality knows China and Iran are enemies, intent on eliminating all US influence in the world and ending our existence. Russia is a competitor. The question everyone should be trying to answer is, why is the media lying to everyone and telling everyone Russia is our enemy and completely ignoring China's intent? China is teaching in their schools that it is China's destiny to rule the world, exactly like the Nazis taught in their schools.

    • Historically, and culturally we have been an Ally of Russia more than an enemy... Russia has had a long and hostile relationship with China and has serious doctrinal differences in the way Communism should be implemented.  China is a wild card in the stack of enemies with Nationalist (Taiwan) being an ally and the people of China remember America's support against the greatest nemesis  Japan.

  • Here it is old guard Repubs. Like of Mitch McConnell and all the others, they are not there for you or any body else they are there for the Money! Best politicians that money can buy!

  • We have a financial FELON in the oval office ( yet to be indicted ) and a bunch of traitors in the congress who are bent on destroying America as we know it . The sons and daughters of these traitors well pay a very high price for what their parents and grandparents are doing now .TO ALL YOU DEMS ,  KARMA IS A BITCH!

    • This is all true, but never lose sight of the fact that these people represent real interests, which are the real enemy.  The people you cite are merely criminals

  • They are not Democrats Party no more they are the Marxist Party and it is time to call them 

    • Correct, but they serve the interests of the globalist establishment.

    • The Globalists are interested in one thing only... TOTAL CONTROL AND POWER... They don't care in what package it comes wrapped in: Constitutional Democracy or Marxism, as long as, they control the strings of government.  The Globalist are pragmatist who believes they can live in consort with any form of government.

    • The Unitred States propelled itself to the apex of civilization by empowering the individual. The globalists cannot achieve their goal without reversing this, thus making the American people, and people around the world, no more than serfs bound to the land under the complete control of the cartel of self-ordained nobility. Stealing the election and nullifying the power of the people to choose its leaders is just the first step in their strategy. This is just beginning.

  • The biggest threat is really the one sitting in the WH now

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