Here is what Henry Kissinger recently counseled former VP Biden regarding the mounting crisis with China... Advice he believes to be critical for the next President to follow.  These comments of Kissinger and an article from China (linked below) don't bode well for peace.  Could this be why the RINO's are attempting to throw Trump and the GOP Senate under the Bus?

"Kissinger essentially said the choice for America is cooperation or war, a narrative he has propagated in recent interviews. Yet repetition will not make his false dichotomy so. Countries can, between these two extremes, choose confrontation and deterrence. World War II in Europe, for example, started because Britain and France chose not to confront the Third Reich when doing so — in 1936 during the attempted remilitarization of the Rhineland — would have ended the German military threat.

Micklethwait started out the interview by asking about the Congress of Vienna, the subject of Kissinger's A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace 1812-22. "Whenever peace—conceived as the avoidance of war—has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member of the international community," he wrote. "Whenever the international order has acknowledged that certain principles could not be compromised even for the sake of peace, stability based on an equilibrium of forces was at least conceivable."

Kissinger ducked the question and, for some reason, is now suggesting the United States put itself at the mercy of the world's most ruthless regime. Kissinger ignores the declaration of war by China.  All while, Xi Jinping, the one man in China's system with the authority to take China to war, is now propagating the audacious concept of tianxia, that "all under heaven" owe allegiance to Beijing.  Communists don't keep agreements and historically initiate civil war and rebellion as a means to overthrow opposing governments.  Are the Democrat Party and the GOP  leadership keeping the American People in the Dark on these issues... and using a rigged election to remove the one man who opposes China from bringing us to the brink of war with China... Is Sen. McConnell's wife an agent of China.... her family is held in high esteem by the CCP leaders?

Henry Kissinger told Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait on November 16 at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum. "Unless there is some basis for some cooperative action, the world will slide into a catastrophe comparable to World War I.  Moreover, what justification is there for the Communist Party's declaration of a "people's war" on the United States in May of last year... 2019.  Oops, next thing we know we are fighting a manmade Corona VIrus attack... a pandemic that is appearing more and more to be a stealth biological weapons attack. The Question then becomes what other acts has Xi threatened if the US responds in kind or with conventional acts of war?  Are we in an undeclared war and is the left ready to do whatever it takes to see China prevail? 

Kissinger's advice to basically capitulate to China was given to Biden by Kissinger just this week... it is beginning to appear that the COVID pandemic may have been an ACT OF WAR... A serious crisis that our leadership has been dodging with the elections and our internal problems in dealing with the Pandemic.  However, if the Chinese people have 'DECLARED WAR ON THE US" what is there to decide other than when will Bejing be told in no uncertain terms that the US will initiate actions to isolate her and if necessary remove her current government for a more peaceful and cooperative one. 

We should withdraw our ambassador and put our allies and Congress on notice... regarding the war footing China has taken and their declaration of war against the USA.

For more see: Cooperate with China or World War 3: Kissinger (

社评:美方不断嚣张喊话,实为自我打气 (  will need to hit the translate button as the article is in Chinese.

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  • If President Trump continues to allow the MSM and Biden to set up a PARALLEL GOVERNMENT operating with its own cabinet and policies, civil war will be the only path left when the SCOTUS declares the election void due to massive election fraud.  

    The Logan Act was designed to stave off what is happening this very moment... there can only be ONE President and one official government cabinet at a time.  The government must continue to function with Pres. Trump and his cabinet running the government.  Challenges by the MSM and Biden must be dealt with as sedition or violations of the Logan Act.  There is no such thing as parallel governments in our Constitution nor can there be in a viable government.  Sen Schumer is even calling for confirmation hearings before Biden is confirmed and sworn in as President.  Schumer wants a parallel government in operation now as he sees the very real possibility that Biden will ultimately lose this election.  Parallel governments are illegal for many reasons.

    It is time to fire AG Barr and half of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, and many of the senior officers promoted under Obama...  mixed signals on critical issues are being propagated by the Biden sham of a cabinet and the phony Office of President-elect.  I actually thought Pres. Trump would be smarter than to do nothing while a parallel government is formed.  It is obvious that Biden is establishing a parallel government and if Pres. Trump is successful in proving fraud, Biden will challenge President Trump claiming to be the duly elected President... he will use any means necessary... including civil war to steal the Office of the President.  Wake up... shut down the MSM and Biden they are working to form a parallel government capable of holding power even if the election is voided for fraud.  

    Look... this is how 3rd world communist insurgencies take over... it is textbook insurgency doctrine.  Where the 'H' is the military and State Department on this parallel government? Why aren't steps being taken to dismantle this farce, and to arrest those committing sedition by creating a parallel government?  Where are the arrests for violating the Logan Act?  Again, I ask where is AG Barr and Dir. Wray... AWOL... absent without leave?

    • Exactly correct.  If Trump had taken care of the instgators in 2017 we wouldn't be here now!!!!!  If Trump doesn't do something this time chaos created by their brown shirts, blm and antifa, will reign

  • xi owns biden

    • Ebay?

      It will be hell to get his money back.

  • if Biden won we might as well say goodbye to America as we know it.

    • biden didn't win, the FRAUD will bite them on the butt!!!!!

    • Fraud will look hard when Bidens scrawny butt comes up. More like spare ribs.

    • Jeff, in either case we can say goodbye to America as we know it. We the people can't trust much in today's America aside from Trump. That's why we follow him no matter what and why we are totally loyal to him. 

  • china is an open enemy.  bowing now will subject We the People to generations of poverty, slavery, and persecution, exactly what the devildemocommiecrats want!!!!!

  • Complaints of racism, equality, slavery and we must do business with China? Here's you're Sign...

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