• When I turned on the game and took note that the Texans hid in the locker room when the anthem was being played yet they were arm in arm with those who supported the BLM Marxist organization I was flabbergasted. If they want to be in arm and arm with others to make a point why not do it while the anthem was being played. They insulted my country and its anthem all the while giving allegience to communism is how I saw it. Only releif was the Texans got beat bad. Horrah!

  • A bunch of over paid petulent children playing with their balls.

  • I gave up watching a bunch of overpaid, modern day gladiators brutalize each other while complaining about political and social issues that most of them can barely comprehend. One need only note how many of these spoiled brat millionaires end up being scandalized and/or arrested for behavior that the majority of Americans find reprehensible. Whatever happened to sports for the love of the game itself, and good sportsmen that our young children could look up to as heroes and examples of good, patriotic citizens?

  • They will continue on and when the bottom drops out, they will sit on their duffs wondering what the H happened. Typical of dumbocrats.

  • Actually standing against their taking a knee should mean they do NOT attend. How hypocritical to boo while still paying them.

    No sacrifices from this group of people for the country. Just a little --boo--.

  • These Poor little rich boys make us sick!

  • BLM and Antifa are terrorizes they don’t care about any racial movement, The MLK movement was a peaceful movement and this idiots don’t want to accept it

  • Wait until they have to play for a socialist/ communist run team for $20,000 a year.

  • ~ There tight Pantyhose cut's off any brain reasoning , called "RESPECT TO THE PEOPLE AND COUNTRY THAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE MONEY $$$. ~  


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