• F F F F F u c k the nfl, nba and all those racist all black groups like naacp, bet, congressional black caucus, blm, antifa, etc. They are the ones perpetuating racism. Oh, yeah, sharpton and his fellow race pimps too!

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    A new Finnish ad campaign by Burger King celebrates LGBTQ pride by showing the fast food chain's mascot kissing its rival McDonald's mascot, Ronald McDonald. The ad is called, 'Love Conquers All', but it's nothing like the love of God.

  • The nfl(NoFansLeft), mlb, nba, and womens soccer are ALL DEAD TO ME for over three years now, I DON'T miss them at ALL!!

    • Well, I am beginning to have the same sentiment with you.

  • Really very sad! Standing for BLM, but not for our GREAT U.S.A. and Flag!!!

  • Good Riddance, FOOLS.

  • If no one watches them or patronizes their advertisers, they will just go away with a whimper.

    • good I will not be watching the NFL period

  • I hope and pray that the NFL will not be playing this year.

  • The NFL is well on it's way to completely destroying it's "once-upon-a-time" BIG $$ money maker; my "guestimate" is 75% to 80% of "former fans" have now tuned them out and "boycotted" their sponsors and advertisers.  So, with -0- advertisers, -0- $$ support and "minimal" support from fans, that mean -0- $$ income which = 0 players. Players will NOT just "volunteer" to play for FREE!!

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