Chicago March crime stats: Murders, shootings up after first ...

With at least nine people shot dead and 27 others wounded, Chicago faced its bloodiest Memorial Day weekend since 2015 by Monday morning.

Despite the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order, as of early Monday the weekend’s death toll had already surpassed last Memorial Day weekend when seven people were killed and 34 others injured. In 2015, 12 people were killed over the holiday weekend, according to the Chicago Sun-Times’ reporting.

The Sun-Times tally defined the Memorial Day weekend as beginning at 5 p.m. Friday and lasting until 5 a.m. Tuesday.

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  • lets all cheer for the governor and the mayor of Chicago.

  • I question the loyalty of the Police to the Constitution... and the People.  They are being ordered to violate the Constitution and KNOW IT... what do they do... they ignore their oath and the Constitution and like good Jack Booted Gestopho move on our Churches and their peaceful citizens... this is a disgrace.  Where are the officers of the Fraternal Order of Police... why is the Union not requiring their officers to disobey unlawful orders... what is the Mayor going to the entire police force?

    The Chicago PD needs to grow a pair... this Mayor is out of control and the Police need to refuse unlawful orders...

    • Welcome to the new communist, socialist, Chicago.

  • Well Ms Mayor, how about dealing with this instead of worrying about closing churches and keeping people locked up?  What are you doing about the on-going crime rate of Chicago?

    • She is more interested in her haircut than taking care of the city! I can't believe that the voters KEEP putting these worthless democrats in as mayors. They keep destroying these cities and do nothing for the citizens.  Look at New york, Baltimore, Nwark, Chicago, etc. 

    • that's what the citizen of Chicago wants they voted her in.

  • Get RID of your ENTIRE city government at the BALLOT BOX shitcago, get er DONE!!!

    • Makes you wonder if the voters in Chicago will EVER wake up!

    • I can say the same thing for the state I live in; California (Mexifornia).

This reply was deleted.