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What a travesty on so many levels.

As reported by CBS Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered a parking ban from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday in the neighborhood of Philadelphia Romanian Church in response to its intention to hold services.

On Sunday morning the tow trucks descended – not just on churchgoers, but on residents and everybody else, and on a private lot used by parishioners. Read this from Second City Cop:

City tow trucks arrived and yanked the vehicles of every single resident, including numerous elderly people and a more than a few nurses coming in from the night shifts and impounded them for violation of the signs that got posted Saturday with under twenty-four hours’ notice. The city also closed the private lot that the church used for parishioners in some half-assed attempt to force church-goers to park on the streets, streets listed as temporary tow zones to snatch their cars, too. 

So all the residents WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHURCH are on the hook for tickets and towing and damages to their cars – because we all know exactly how gently City tow drivers are with someone else’s property.

Perhaps Lightfoot doesn’t share the view that civil liberties come not from her hand or the hand of Governor JB Pritzker. The church’s pastor said this: “The mayor is inciting hate against the church which is very sad. A lot of our members risked their lives to escape Communism, only to find it germinating in 2020 under Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago.”

He continued: “We prayed for the mayor and the governor almost every evening since March 19. We will continue to pray for them. Yet, we are also aware of our constitutional rights. Their effort to intimidate us will make us stronger.”

And let’s hope Lightfoot will explain her sense of justice in punishing everybody in the neighborhood by having their cars banged up and towed to the city’s infamous pound.

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    • if you're asking me,not one bit. The Natural emotions of any free man would feel the same.. Wait until they MAKE US. Till then,keep your powder dry.


    • I agree!!   But expect a couple here to tell you how evil and un-Christian you are...

  • Any and all directly affected by the Mayor's actions can file charges against her for depriving them of their constitutional rights!

  • No one can tell me that this isn't a disgusting communist tactic.

    • Communism/Fascism/Tyranny is the Democrats "New Normal". Middle class will steam roll the Commumist/Fascists/Democrats/Totalitarions (all synonyms) in Nov.


  • Why does an old song called the "Lincoln Park Pirates" keeps running through my head? Oh that song is about the Chicago tow squad!!!


    • HUH!  I never heard of it, but found the lyrics:


      Lincoln Park Pirates
      In Chicago where I live, there's an outfit that'd tow almost anything off the street. They deal mostly with automobile. And we call 'em the Lincoln Park Pirates
      The streetlamps are on in Chicago tonight
      And lovers are gazing at stars
      The stores are all closing
      And Daley is dosing and the fatman's counting the cars
      And there's more cars than places to put 'em, he said
      But I've got room for them all
      So round 'em up boys
      'cause I want some more toys
      Hit the lot by the grocery store
      To me way, hay
      Tow them away
      The Lincoln Park Pirates are we
      From Wilmette to Gary
      There's nothing so harried
      And we always collect are fee
      To me way, hay
      Tow them away
      We plunder the streets of your town
      Be it Edsel or Chevy there's no car to heavy
      And no one can make us shut down
      Steve Goodman - Google Search
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