• She is incredible - I mean stupid and evil!  Is there a way to start a recall?

  • @f#€€ing brain dead!!!

  • HEY Citizens of Chicago.   Why cannot you get yourselves together and get a "Recall Petition" going that will bring your lovely city back into the 21st century.   This Lightfoot person all ya'll voted into office has brought a great degree of embarrassment into your community.   This mayor is somewhat short of a "Happy meal"  -  several bricks short of a full load.   If I were a voting citizen of Chicage I would be over the top embarrassed at the way she is running your city.   More like running it straight into the ground to my notion.   Some of the stuff she is doing defies all normal thinking and common sense.   Get rid of her...!!

    • Liberalism is a cult.They can't see it.


    • Is it apathy, stupidity or just plain laziness thinking "someone will pick up the ball." Well, it's team effort, folks.

  • All we need is the mayor of New York go as the Joker 

    • The Joker character is taken by California Governor Gavin Newscum.

      Look at his build, hair, pasty skin, and insano grin.

      He owns it!

    • Michael..........have you ever made a side by side comparison with conservative women vs those of liberal bent.   Men too as well.   Even the physical differences are striking when holding photos or each side by side.   Conservatives to most always have a calm - business like - confident and self-controlled demeanor.   Likewise...the liberals all are plain - their hair is askew many times, they most times come out to mimik nerds.....then they do not appear to be very smart.  Just saying is all...................

  • Yep, that's what happens when people elect looney-tunes, they end up living in crazy-town.

  • This person is mentally ill.

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