• Where do these clowns come from ? Better still how the hell do they get into office, legally?

  • And this woman is MAYOR of a major US CITY????  My respect for the intellect and maturity of Democrat VOTERS just DROPPED another 25 points.


    • You gave them more than 25 points? Optimist!

  • Looks like Mayor Lightfoot did not get the memo from E (The Incredibles), "No Capes!"

    Still, Chicago does have a jet airport, doesn't it?

    Maybe Lightfoot needs to hold an airtravel press conference at O'Hare International. LOL

  • She would scare the beecheesus out of Michael Meyers or jason Vorhees. However, she would make a great scarecrow garden gnome, keeping the snakes, buzzards and rats away.

  • Mayor Lightfoot sanctions Holloween because she does not need to buy a costume. What a tight wad tyrant (or discount despot, if you will...) !

  • If I had a dog that behaved like this, I would think it definitely rabid. I would put it down. Somebody needs to declare this vermin woman rabid and remove her from society now.

  • !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A "DYKE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • wait a second ! where are the guns ? everyone knows that you can't celebrate holidays in chicago without guns

  • What a schmuck. Stupid as the day is long. She wouldn't be compatent for street sweeper. Really people, is this all you got?

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