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    • I am afraid you are right and that some parts are fractured. We need to unite all patriots who are willing to uphold their pledge of allegiance to Trump and therefore to the US Constitution. This group is the large part of the Republican Party, where Trump enjoys 90% of support. We can expand that base once we are free of the GOP's shackles.

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    • I let NO ONE push my rights and freedoms under their dictitorial mandate. 

      She is a perfect example what happens when those who pay no taxes, the parasites, are allowed to vote and cancel out the votes of those who pay the bills.

  • happening as we write this


  • Won't happen in my country. I'll fight to the death. Freedom is never free 

  • Pledge allegiance to the New World Order. Sorry bitch I/We pledge Allegiance to the Flag 1 Nation under God. Indivisable with liberty and justice for all.

    At least that's the way it used to be. Now there is no Liberty or Justice for all. It's only for a select few. That will change when we have a 1775 Revolution and

    do away with people like this maggat. 

  • Send that godless witch back to her father in Hell... Teaparty, get off your fat asses and fix your broken spell check...!

  • Yep! Lightfoot should be called Lightbrained! But she is being ruled by the Prince of this World!

  • when " W" was in the white house  he mentioned an axis of evil. we have an axis of evil in this country . it's made up of the us congress as well as the corrupt and bought off democratic and republican parties

    • You are correct, Roy. The corruption is deep. Trump is the only one who tells it like it is. We know now that the USA of 2020 is a banana republic. We need to be grateful to Trump for letting us and the world know honestly what a hallowed out and weak country the US has become. 

    • Paul ... did you come here to help fix things or did you come here to destroy???

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