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Mayor Lori Lightfoot is considering a momentous change to Chicago police procedure: requiring officers to get a supervisor’s permission before beginning a foot chase.

"No one should die as a result of a foot chase," she said.

The mayor promised to announce details of a new policy "soon."

The issue gained new urgency after an officer chased and fatally shot Adam Toledo. Video of the incident shows the 13-year old dumping what appears to be a firearm a split-second before he turns and raises his hands. Toledo apparently was handed the gun by Ruben Roman, who allegedly had just used it to fire eight rounds at a passing vehicle. Apparently, no one was hit.

Personal injury lawyer Arturo Jauregui called a news conference to urge reform.

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    • Stop with the nonsense and rewriting history - we weren't even a country when slavery began in our country.  The first slaves were imported by some of the settlers who were citizens of England or Gerany or France one of the Nordic countries etc.   Many Irish people, who if you are not black, became indentured servants (slaves) when they first came here.  Slavery was outlawed after the civil war - much to the Democrats chagrin.  They were the KKK, they were the carpet baggers, they were the ones who started the Jim Crow laws.  So now you see to think we should become slaves to the Democrats?  That;s what they want.  You have been listening to the main stream media - and maybe educated in public schools and the disasters we call colleges.  There is no systemic racism in the USA - it's been made up by the Democrats and. their anarchist support groups.  


    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

    • You need to go back and check your history...Slave ownership in this country started with a black slaveholder in the northeast. Indentured slaves in the USA worked their way to freedom, and a lot of of them were white. Black slaves were provided to slave traders by waring black tribes...slavery has existed since the dawn of time. and no, we didn't start it...but we fought to contain it and then fought a long and bloody war to stop it. As tragic as slavery was, I am thankful for the Black American's who stayed, and fought, and raised themselves up and became friends to many of us. Chances are they wouldn't be here without the sacrifice of their slave ancestors.

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!


    • does anyone know what the word slavery means?

    • Slavery was going on all over the Globe, and in some places still is going on.
      The U.S.A. are not the only country who kept slaves.
      Apparently too many people haven't read the Bible; or would go back to Egypt while keeping The People of Israel as slaves.
      Ignorance is Bliss; understand the whole dirty truth...

  • why don't they tell the doctors that perform abortion don't use a knife use something else?

  • Chicago was a cesspool when I lived in Illinois over 30 years ago and it certainly hasn't gotten any better.  It has always been ruled by the mob, now the mob is justr a bunch of anti-American, dishjonest people.  Chicago's crime rate has jumped dramatically since Lori Lightfoot and the mobs of BLM and Antifa terrorists have been in charge of the city.  Most of the crime rate is black and black, it has nothing to do with policing.  Does anyone realize or care that in all of last year (2020) there were only 15 unarmed black men killed by policy throughout the nation.  I wonder of how any of those had criminal records, had active arrest warrants or were in the act of committing a crime.  In contrast so far this year over 97 police officers have been killed.

  • ALL Chicago police need to go on vacation for just one week!!

    • According to my research when the government stops inforcing the law, than the people make their own laws,( vigilante)

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