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At least 58 people have been shot, four fatally, across Chicago since Friday evening, including several children.


Two backyard shootings within four blocks of each other occurred a little over an hour apart early Monday on the South Side.

A 22-year-old man was standing in his backyard about 11:40 p.m. Sunday in the 9500-block of South Yale Avenue in Longwood Manor when he heard a loud noise and felt pain, according to Chicago Police.

He was shot in the face and transported to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he was listed in serious condition, police said.

Shortly after midnight, while detectives were looking into nearby trash cans and knocking on neighbors' doors, a man approached the crime scene tape looking for his "brother."

After being told that he couldn't enter the home, the man stormed away in tears.

Less than 30 minutes later, at least 11 gunshots were heard in the distance.

Officers at the scene confirmed that the nearby gunfire was connected to a person shot less than a mile away - four blocks south and two blocks west.

About 1 a.m., a man, 50, was standing in a backyard in the 9900-block of La Salle Street in Fernwood when he was shot by someone who opened fire from a blue Buick, police said.

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  • I visited Chicago with friends quite a few years ago and we stayed in a comfortable hotel. One of the staff advised us not to go out alone at night and keep close to well lighted areas. Needless to say but since then not one of us has ever again visited Chicage. Loved the Aquarium and The Navy Pier.

  • i'm waiting for the mayor of chicago to announce a ppv tv channel that has cameras all over chicago and is a spin off of gta

  • I suppose the majority or all of the shootings were black on black.  Don't they ever learn.  


    • Think about this Fact: The Democrat Party is the only political party that openly condones and in fact assists in the terminiation of their Own Voter base - the Blacks!  How? Abortion: 3/4's of all Abotion Clinics are in low income Black Communities and Uncontrolled Criminals Black on Black Violence. 

  • IT IS A HOBBY -!!! I was born in the SE Chicago 1953, moved out 1971 (To Florida) and it hasn't changed-!!! Democrat RULED- They will fix it All just before the next Campaign, just trust them-!!!

  • People of Chicago stand up stop being slaves to the Democratic Party or does your life worth nothing 

  • poor democrats are loosing voters right and left

    • From what I heard from the dems the shootings is because voters for one reason or another can't get voter ID's. Wonder why since they have no trouble getting guns.

    • Funny... the so called "Voter ID" that they can't get happens to be the same ID they used to apply for Public Assistance, Obtain Healthcare at the Doctor/Hospital, Drive and buy Alcohol with! Jus Sayin...

    • That is fact. 

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