• Let's look at it this way; that fence can also keep people INSIDE!!  The NG could always stock the Congressional cafeteria with all that  unfit contaminated  food they've been getting.  Then they could block  all the access tunnels, basically creating a prison for the "Congressional inmates", who would then be forced to eat that contaminated food, or go hungry.  Keep them in there, for three, or four days, or even a week.  At the end of that time, they would probably agree to anything we demand!  Even "confession" and resignation!!

    • " Then they could block  all the access tunnels, basically creating a prison for the "Congressional inmates", "

      I LOVE IT!

      Then we can call in a team of pest exterminators and deal with the vermin, like gophers!


      Nan in the tube.

  • The only reason they are there is because of that lying shit head Pelosi, and all the illegal E.O. and the so called covid bill that netted her city 3/4 of a Billion to bail them out and the rest of the pork that they lied to the American people about what's in it, and the Republicans tried and they got shouted and ridiculed. this is the way this whole mess is going to be rammed thru no Republican votes and the dems will get their shit list filled

  • The real reason for the fence is for what the dems have planned for America, like HR1 and what else is coming down the pike in the near future.

  • First of all, we didn't. Elect this mentally challenged Joe Biden


    Second, it's becoming clear he's not running the country so essentially it's a coup. Thats why razor wire around the whitehouse

    • The problem with the coup scenario, is that the state governments are essentially healthy enough to govern rationally. Many, and perhaps soon all, will come to the conclusion, that anything issued from Washington D.C. should be considered, "taken under advisement". That means without strong arm military action, whatever unconstitutional agenda manifesting at the federal level shall be D.O.A. at the states level. The 2nd Amendment really promises to shine, for all its organizational issues.Foreign incursions remain a threat, but time and the 2022 elections continue to advance. If the federal authority declares that state federal office elections are suspended, all kinds of resistance will have to be dealt with, internal to the Capitol, and external. NO, this holing-up scheme was not well thought out or will end beneficially for the perpetrators. They seem screwed! The end of the twisted party that was once called Jeffersons.

  • How can I or anyone else mistake this reinforced barricading as anything but the panicked perspective and resultant actions of criminals who know they have been exposed?

    The whole scene looks like the Alamo for holed-up political crooks.

    I think states will arrive at the same conclusion and simply refuse to acknowledge any policy from the Capitol, unless it passes their own Constitutional scrutiny.

    The Progressivist loons have turned our Capitol into a gangster hideout!

    100 CRIME FILMS: Scarface (1932) on Vimeo

  • This is unnecessary and just stupid.

  • This is what the communist do in their country, and we have to stop it.

    • Trump is working on it go to the bottom of this page and check out the videos that I posted , There has been something in play for 5 years and it will come true soo

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