• People actual watch/listen to Scarborough?  Wow I'm amazed that there are enough dummies that keep him on the air, Proves my point that the US IQ level and abiltiy to understand history and current events is way down.  Education has failed the citizens of the US to sustain this nation, elect pro Americans to manage our money, security and business.  Trump alone cannot fix the mess created by decades of leftist treachery, sell outs, globalist expansion into our lives.  Open borders, unbalanced trade, diversity to the point of importing terrorists, disease, gangs is so blatantly suicidal that the next generation faces very difficult times if they insist on putting imbeciles in charge Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Feinstein, Tlaib, Omar, Cortez, Lee, Schiff and the rest of the deviants from the progressive/socialist cult.  They continue to allow outside attacks on our government, schools, culture, laws and environment.  The continued funding by Soros to radical groups is akin to spying and destruction of our nation.  Chinese theft of our technology, engineering, medical work is mostly ignored by academia and the left and the press.  Current leftists like the Clintons, Obama and their ilk have applied the Saul Alinsky  manual for socialist take over.  The gradual denegration of religion, cultural norms,, enforcement of immigration and criminal laws has been over turned in the name of diversity, gender bending, felon releases, expansion of drug abuse through legalization.  The current virus is obvious BIOLOGICAL WARFARE BY THE CHINESE ON THE US.  With 100,000 dead in a matter of 2 months...........this outstrips the dead from the Vietnam war over 10 year.  And this population in the US stumbles along like it's just an inconvenience to their sports season....or beach parties.  China spies on our research for a vaccine for the virus, they steal from our medical, engineering, and electronics companies and the left wingers just babble about Trump wearing a face mask or some b.s to fune $1200 for illegals.......absolute insantiy.  While we are under attack, THE IDIOT PELOSI TRIES TO SHOVE A $3 TRILLION SCAM PACKAGE TO INCLUDE $1200 FOR ILLEGALS.  THAT SHREW IS THE OPITOME OF INSULT, TREACHERY AND HATE.  As long as we have bottom feeders, illegals, idiots voting, who think "freebies" are the answer we will keep suffering under the outrageous criminals we now endure.

  • Time to re-open this case !!!!!  If he is guilty, he needs to be held accountable!

  • joe scar doesn't deserve a moment of my time. The defense rests.(I just always wanted to say that)...LOL

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