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  • Coercion, terroristic threats, and fear is what this country has become for many. Why? Our government not taking care of the people they serve. People think I’m crazy, but protest does not apply to burning, looting, and frightening citizens. So. Call me crazy, but with these types of actions they should be warned to disburse or be shot on site. They [the so-called protesters] are holding all of us hostage. The only way to stop it is by brute force. However, our justice department and bleeding-heart liberals does not have the guts to do what needs to be done. If this were to happen a few times protesters would think twice before behaving like animals.

    • libtards, especially devildemocommiecrat political hacks and their Pravda/Goebbels propagandists aren't "gutless", they encourage and enable demonic activity because satan is their "god" so they promote his agenda!!!!!!!!!!  Shooting them sounds like a good idea.  If they come to my house that is what they can expect but I live in a sane state that won't tolerate rioting!!!!!!!!!!


  • STOMP DOWN THE UNREST VIOLANCE.   We should have picked our own cotten !!

  • So much for law and order in the United States of America in 2021.

  • What are we A Nation of Law or a nation of fear 

    • At the present time, it is looking more and more like we are becoming a nation of mob rule!


  • That comment right there is grouds for a mistrial.

    • yes it is and I expect to see an appeal be upheld on many fronts, including the hateful diatribe of mad maxine polluted waters!!!!!!!!!!


  • I wouldn't be surprised if the verdict was overturned.  Although I think Chauvin overstepped the line, but I admit I have only what I saw in the news to go by.  If it is overturned there will be riots.  But I believe this judge was incorrect in any ways throughout the trial.  There was no way Chauvin could get a fair trial in Minneapolis.  The venue should have been moved.  The cowardly Common Counsel giving the criminals family $27M before the trial was a mistake; they were just rewarding criminality.  Finally the judge not sequestering the jurers for the entire trial was a mistake.  Does he think that the jurers did not have eyes or ears and couldn't see what was going on?  Or maybe he jsut didn't care?  That justice would be highjacked was what he was aiing for.  .  

    • I have seen additional footage on OANN that shows Chauvin's knee on the shoulder not the neck and the autopsey showed NO damage to the throat.  The violent thug floyd died of a drug overdose and shouldn't have resisted arrest.  This will be overturned if justice prevails.  If not, America is done and will become a 3rd world toilet ruled by tyrants using mpob rule and edict!!!!!!!!!


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