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  • $10,000 fine for each one arrested.  Send the bill to George Soros and don't let them out till it's paid.

  • Scale the White House wall SHOOT EM

    • No, they are not the head, they are the tail.  Get the head of the snake and cut it off and the tail will be neutralized.  More Death will actually serve THEIR purpose. 


    I found this. It appears that a bunch of them were arrested:

    #dcblackout hashtag on Twitter
    See Tweets about #dcblackout on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation.
  • Shoot them.

  • it's just the beginning ladies and gentlemen.

    • No, I think it's the end.  We're not going to allow what Obama allowed.


    • I do believe you are right....Lack and load.....


  • I understand if a protester hets hurt, he gets more money from George.

  • They shot a woman sitting in her car for just entering that area during the Obama regime so what's up with these slugs getting away with this. Did hear that the Conservative mortocycle groups is heading in that direction.

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