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  •  Of course, the FBI, Secret Service, and local federal law enforcement are jamming the terrorist's communications and shutting down their internet connections... That should be standard law enforcement practice when dealing with widespread, coordinated domestic terrorism scenarios. 

    Why would the government permit these thugs to communicate with one another... to pass on intel, regarding police movements and locations or coordinate attacks on their next targets... As for the blackout,  Federal agents have night vision devices... terrorists don't... advantage law enforcement.
    Federal Agents have night vision devices... these terrorist don't.

  • Damn right when you start violence next to the Whitehouse the Secret Service WILL protect the presidency at all costs PERIOD. But this asshole kid tweeting electronics are being named BUT HE WAS tweeting the IDIOThas no idea what he is seeing or what is happening. But one thing is for sure there is something happening MORE than just protesting Floyds death. these attacks are too well-coordinated and happened way too quick after the death

  • All I know is that if I'm accosted by a MASKED person, there will be one LESS masked person in the world, and I'm NOT talking about medical masks!

  • The ANTIFA movement in the United States is a radical left, anti-fascist, militant political activist movement... that comprises autonomous activist groups that aim to achieve their political objectives through the use of direct action rather than through policy reform. Activists engage in varied protest tactics, including digital activism, property damage and physical violence, and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist, or on the far-right.  Individuals involved in the movement tend to hold anti-capitalist views and subscribe to a range of ideologies such as anarchism (particularly anarcho-communism), Marxism, socialism, and social democracy.

    For More See:

  • Martial Law is probably not needed. Antifa is declared a terrorist organization along with their associated orgs so yeah; round them up, try them, and who cares what happens to  them after that. Those krappy trust fund babies are not going to like jail. I hope they put them in the ordinary ones where psychopaths dictate the culture LOL

    • The real problem is not the 'trust fund babies' it is the power behind them... the DEEP STATE.  The quickest and most direct means to deal with the Deep State's sedition and treason is through the use of Martial Law Enforcement and its Courts... for two reasons... 1)The US Military and not the DOJ will be enforcing the law... investigating, arresting and indicting the Deep State, not the DOJ....  2) And, the Article 3 Federal Courts will be suspended and replaced by Military Tribunals.  Justice will be issued by the Military Courts under the supervision of the President... not the compromised federal judiciary.

    • And this is what is needed, but just not the boots on the ground causing the problems but WHO is pulling their strings, is it the CIA, they are masters at overthrowing governments this way, Is it the Democratic party because they vowed to get President Trump out of office ANY WAY THEY CAN. Or is George Soros and Buddies behind this? WE NEED TO FIND THIS OUT AND SOON.

    • Of course, George Soros, his sons and his eltie cronies are behind this.  He fingerprints are all over this.  We need military tribunals to handle things, since our judiciary is compromised with too many liberal/progressive judges that rule on the basis of ideology rather than the rule of law.  Now that Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization, which it certainly is, all those funding and otherwise supporting them need to arrested and charged.  This includes not only Soros, but people in the entainment industry, and MSM.

    • Right on Ken...

  • Antifa as a radical anarchy group.....should push real try to break through the WH fencing and then see what happens. OOps not quite like smashing glass on stores and looting.  Antifa might find themselves a bit challenged when then really face an armed force that is determined to stop them DEAD. Since Antifa is a load of cowards that know the local police will not use REAL FORCE against them continue to burn, crash and loot .  When they take it too far and face a force that is resolved to stop them.......their demise will be glorious.  Whether it's Soros, CAIR, China, Russia, LaRaza or whatever group funding this collection of terrorists, once it is exposed, retribution will be harsh. 

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