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  • RIGHT ON !!!!!

  • Too big to jail? Lock 'em up!

  • Apparently the general public does not comprehend or appreciate the Security Clearance aspect of safeguarding our country.

    It's time that they did.

    • For you and I, it is impossible to overstate the importance of a Security Clearance.   

      Around 1990, driving into work one day, an announcement came over the radio that an employee of the military base where I worked had been charged with receiving social handout funds.   It was a teammate.   I was maybe 5 to 10 minutes from work at the time.  By the time I parked and  got to my desk, his SECURITY CLEARANCE WAS PULLED.   It is a requirement of every person in Acquisition to have a Security Clearance.   Pulling his clearance meant he could not enter the Acquisition Center which was the entire 5th floor of a very large building.   So, his job ended.  It was the end of his job, his career, and employability in that field.   

      Every requisition, funding document, and all the precontract paperwork is CLASSIFIED.   

      I believe that a lot of the population has been given a false impression that Classified is a minor technicality due to the Flintstone Bathroom server and her bleachbit destruction of government information.   When you are on the job, and a Secretary of State is on the job even when she's at home sleeping, YOU HAVE A DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY TO SAFEGUARD THAT CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.   Failure to subject her to enforcement just as any other American would be is CRIMINAL IN ITS COLLUSION TO AVOID APPLYING THE LAW.

  • Cmon show them!

  • Yep, the Obama legacy live on in Joe and Hunter Biden. Hope he and Michelle are having a great time on Martha's Vinyard watching what they have helped to do to this great country.

  • All of those make him a high prospect for blackmail and his father too because of the interaction.   

  • mr. dementia and his family are corrupt minions of satan who will stoop to any low level to sell the nation to satan and soros.  They will find out how hot hell is and how long eternity lasts but We the People MUST NOT allow this pond scum and his ineligible sidekick get anywhere near the oval office!!!!!!  Hang them for TREASON!!!!!

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