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  • It's jail time for the Obama administration 

  • Wonderful for you... now could you all please either stop talking about it or actually keep the promise and release the photos... all of them.

    • ADMIN

      If I'm not mistaken, they will all be out this week. Rudy seemed to indicate he was stretching it out over 5 days and we've had two releases of information today. I agree with the other posting - the child pornography will never be seen -  except maybe by a jury. 

    • interesting.

    • Rudy says we've only seen 5% of the total. They will be released. Twitter will STILL refuse to allow anyone to post them! The child pornography, of course, will be exempt from showing, obviously. The rest??


  • It's jail time for the Obama administration 

  • Https://

    • Censored, Jc4you.

    • Yes, I sent the link, and for me also they try to block it. But I persisted and it gave me some other address to click on and when I did the story came up. The media is trying really really hard to prevent people from seeing this and it's really quite terrible.

      but we've known it was bad for a long time and it's time that it came out. And God bless this guy that turned over the information to Julianas office, the only one who is willing to do anything about it, and pray that he will be safe and they won't kill him because of what he did. He did say he is afraid!

    • Giuliani took on organized crime in cleaning up NYC.   He did a fantastic job.   And now the sewer rat, DumbAssio is throwing it all away again.   

      Giuliani should be ok.   He knows his way around.  Don't know about the techie in DE.   That's bite me territory.   And there's a fair amount of crime.   


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