Celebrities are coming under fire for donating to a bail fund aimed at springing protesters even as police struggle to stop the escalating violence in Minneapolis and other U.S. cities.

Steve Carell, Janelle Monae, Seth Rogen, Ben Schwartz and Halsey were among those donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which is raising money to bail out protesters flooding the streets over George Floyd, a black man who died Monday while in police custody.

Those contributions were called into question on social media by those asking why celebrities would want to support the mobs throwing rocks, breaking windows, looting stores, and setting fire to businesses and other buildings.

“#Minneapolis police precinct set on fire…While #Hollywood stars like @Sethrogen, @SteveCarell and @rejectedjokes make donations to bail out ‘peaceful protesters,’” tweeted conservative talk-radio host Buck Sexton.

The Federalist’s David Harsanyi asked Mr. Rogen to donate instead to black Minneapolis residents like Stephanie Wilford, who gave an interview sobbing over the destruction, or Korboi Balla, a former firefighter who saw rioters destroy the bar he had bought with his life savings.

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  • Unless the underlying crime is a felony... bail will be forfeited as a fine.. in most cases.  Holding a terrorist on a public nuisance or disturbing the peace charge is rediculous ... they can be charged with domestic terrorism... a Federal Felony... that carries a prison sentence of 10 to life.  We need to demand the US Attorney of jurisdiction prepare indictments and forward them to Grand Juries for indictment and trial. Put these bums in prison for a very, very long time... that should stop the college kids from using summer riots as extra credit in their liberal arts degree in women's studies.

  • They will eventually have to be bailed out and if these celebrities make this their cause it is what it is. Bail does not mean freedom for it is only temporally until a possible court date for their crime. Justice in one way or another will be met. Hopefully. 

  • Celebs... I don't recognize half the names LOL

  • I don't know any of the dopes. What about Colin Kaepernack?  One may think they don't know what the evildoers are up to but I don't believe it.  They may think they are in support of Blacks against Whites but I don't believe that.  The terrorists are mostly whites.  These "celebrities" are bullies and are too cowardly to go into the streets and reign terror upon working people and business owners.  But they are supporting them.

    • I've seen comments from Kaepernack, AND of all people, O.J. Simpson.  Yeah, like the two of these irrelevant people have anything of value to contribute...

  • Since I'm not a fan of any of these celeb dimwits and do not watch anything they do, they will remain in my crap pile with other hollywood idiots.  These clowns are too stupid to realize that they are bailing out anarchists, bombers, assaulters who despise everything in this country.  Antifa along with other malcontents are not "freedom fighters" or socially aware advocates of anything.  The looting, destruction shows that they are not "well meaning" .  This should be expanded as news to the masses so they can get a better view of their false idols.

    • I agree.  BUT, I think they realize exactly who they're bailing out.  Most of Hollyweird are so obsessed with being ANTI-Trump, they'd be in favor of anything they believe makes Trump look bad before the elections.   Interesting isn't it.  The word RACIST was never associated with Trump until about 2015.....

    • Very well said, Rich. Thank you. 

      And i can only match one of those names to a face; and only even heard of one other.. and they think the world hangs on their every word. 

      I think it'd make a very good website to list the Hollywood dopes who hate America. Could simply list name (with pic, bc few actually know who they are), quotes with dates, and maybe link to a published reference for anyone who doubts. 

    • Add this bitch too:

      Lesbian mayor blames 'white men' for 'violence and destruction' at riots

      They 'experience height of privilege and are co-opting peaceful demonstrations'



      Lesbian mayor blames 'white men' for 'violence and destruction' at riots - WND
      Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan asserted Sunday night that “white men” are responsible for much of the widespread destruction across the country during pr…
    • Here's one you can add to the list along with De Niro, Cher, Whoopi, Joy Behar, Kathy Griffin......:

      "According to Breitbart News, actor John Cusack attacked President Donald Trump for the violent protests around the nation stating “Fight till he’s gone.”

      “I hope this keeps us till trump flys away in a fucking helicopter — it’s time,” Cusack tweeted early Saturday as riots still engulfed a number of cities. “People should NOT swallow another moment of fascism.”

      Cusack added: “Fight till he’s gone.”"

      John Cusack: I Hope Riots Last 'Till Trump Flys Away In a F**king Helicopter'
      Cities around the country saw violent protests Friday night. Businesses were burned to the ground. Many were injured and the White House had to go on…
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