• The "cdc"  is really the new "epa". Has anyone heard of an "epa" edict lately ? No because it is the "cdc" taking over from the "epa". The  "cdc" is an unelected disgrace !.

    • Yeah, clearly!

  • We all knew it was only a matter of time before the jerks threw this at us! 
    They can all kiss my........, I didn't immigrate to America to have these idiots control me!

  • I live in Alabama and we don't worry about the small stuff.  I got the chinese communist party/Fauci virus wearing an N95 mask, so we know masks don't work.  I had the monoclonol antibodie infusion which cleared it right up and I have not worn a mask since.  I am now naturally immune and will never let them poison me with the jab of death.  This is all a communist plot to control the people but we know better and we also have around 400 million guns so it will be pretty stupid for the communists to try force on we citizens. FJB the CDC and all who support it's agenda.

    • So you get the thrill of sweating outside, in the summer shade, in high humidity....wearing a mask?

      Now son, that's livin' (in Hell y'all).

  • A mask to stop an airborne virus ..... You have the same chance of your mask stopping a virus as you would stopping a mosquito with a chain link fence.  Good luck with that 

  • Stick your mask where the sun don't shine. Not once have I worn one and will not start now

  • This bimbo has no authority over free Americans 

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