• The only thing these despots understand is money! Without the taxes they have no money, they have no power!



  • Isn't it interesting Roy! According to the same Scientific Sources the Latex in a condom has a porosity (hole size) of 5 microns! The N95 Face Mask has a porosity (hole size) of .3 microns, about Five times SMALLER! Incidentally the Covid-19 Virus measures between .06 and .14 microns. But back to the point. Imagine taking several condoms, then cutting and gluing them together in the shape of a "Face Mask." Now imagine breathing through it! Probably very difficult! But according to the most recent Scientific Sources it should be Five Times Easier than the N95 Face Mask. As a side bar: the use of Google as a source of information is becoming limited in its viability. Once information is found to be useful to those other than Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians and their Benefactors, it disappears like smoke, and replaced with "WOKE" nonsense. Information can still be found, however it requires very creative search questions.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain. 

  • Stupid creeps. They're planning to do this to us FOREVER!!

  • You are absolutely correct MLopez. For the purposes the Governments are requiring Face Masks to be worn, there are no scientific/medical evidences to back it up! Neither is Biden's use of OSHA to enforce the Mandatory Vaccination or Testing of Employees for Employers of over 100. OSHA requirements are #1. Workplace Hazard Specific Only and not designed to encompass Off Worksite Hazard Exposures including such things as "Red Dye #2!" Secondly, All OSHA Requirements are Minimal Requirements, and All Employers are Free to exceed these requirements by "Alternative Methods or Means" with viable Documentation. If OSHA disputes the "Viability", then OSHA must either Cite or execute a Cease and Desist Letter, with the opportunity to an "Informal Hearing" with an OSHA Hearings Officer, where OSHA must provide expert.testimony as to "Why Alternate Methods/Means" are Less Satisfactory than Minimal Requirements. Then even if the Ruling remains in OHSA's Favor, a Formal Hearing takes place before an ALJ or Higher, with OSHA represented by the Attorney General (which comes out of the OSHA Budget), and must prove its Citation Valid. The Company can either have an Attorney or represent itself. The "Burden of Proof" lies with OSHA and this is where Biden is so very weak!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I'm disoriented from agreeing with you so much, but when you're right; you're right.  And we are on the same side.  The both of us need to let that sink in

    • Because OSHA SAYS SO.

  • how does the cdc explain condoms not being 100% protection by the logic they have with masks

    • Maybe that's why so many of them walk around with their sister's panties covering their face?

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