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  • Just what Hitler did with the Jews this is the kind of people our children are teach at school today teachers believe Marxist is the best thing for us. We must not let the socialist government take control. The fake president and his followers want to control us because time is running out on them people are beginning to realize the election was stolen and they want all the help they can get.

  • They will have to shoot me dead first, but rest assured I will take a few with me.

    • I'm with you Janet,  this old vet will not go quietly, I do hope they bring plenty of body bags,  oh and one for me.👍

  • Does that mean they will stick all of the covid carrying illegals there also.  any spikes in covid is due to Biden sending these diseased illegals into our States. I think all the Dems should be put in a camp with them

    • This illegal administration will continue to send illegal aliens into the country and continue to blame people who don't get the vaccine.  Like many others, the CDC has to be completely dismantled and defunded.  They are working against the people of the USA; violating the constitution; and working to destroy the country.


  • Getting the camps ready for the white supremacists I suppose. Keep your powder dry.

    • Which according to them, is anyone who is not a Marxist!


This reply was deleted.