The Trump administration was slow to recognize coronavirus threat ...

Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is promoting the reopening of schools across the country, noting the serious risks associated with keeping kids out of classrooms.

During a webinar for the Buck Institute, Redfield pointed out the low risk of children spreading COVID-19 and said the spike in suicides and drug overdoses is “far greater” than the number of coronavirus-related deaths among the country’s younger population.

“It’s not risk of school openings versus public health,” he said. “It’s public health versus public health.”

Redfield added, “I’m of the point of view, and I weigh that equation as an individual that has 11 grandchildren, that the greater risk is actually to the nation to keep these schools closed.”

Earlier in July, he told ABC’s “Good Morning America” he would “absolutely” be comfortable with his grandkids going back to school in-person this fall. Redfield did, though, concede he may have “some reservation” about his grandson with cystic fibrosis returning to the classroom, “depending on how he could be accommodated.”

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  • Too bad we can't get nancy & chuck to commit

  • Bingo! I totaly agree and we have abortion on the rise, and corona virus is here and we are afraid of that virus something wrong with that picture.

  • from the beginning: irrational fears and panic led and fueled by political motives helped to destroy our Nation!

  • Trump had sensible advisors to choose from even at the CDC (like dr. Redfield), yet he chose dr. Covid Fauci... if he loses this election is because of this one foolish mistake 

    • I believe The Legendary President Donald J. Trump is showing the American people how corrupt the great institutions of America have become under the obamas and clintons, and that is why he is calling them out. He must be doing something right as the petulant children of the left are in constant tantrum mode. As we saw in raw display during the Honorable William Barr's congressional witch hunt last week. Pathetic UNtellectuals cross examining a genius, Mr. Barr made azzclownz out of all the leftists at that sham.

    • I agree with what you said but Doald Trump should have the Obama administration on trial the first 100 days in the office.


    • Not to mention the riots. It took him weeks to even bring up sending in forces. In the meantime, Rome burned. 

    • I think it was planned to let the cities burn so the electorate could see what the crazy marxist democrats would do if they were to go to other cities. By eventually stepping in it made hiis administration look even better. TRUMP 2020

    • Again, he was showing the world just how useless leftist marxism is. He drug the leftist marxist governors and mayors out into the light, for all to see. While the Americaa hating governors and mayors are telling us how stupid President Trump is, he is showing the world just how stupid, useless, worthless and corrupt the leftist marxists are. God is watching!

    • I think so, too, but look at how much money and history we have had destroyed, that belongs to US, those who love America. What now? What now is that because nothing stopped this violence, curricula around the country are being revised to focus on slavery, slavery, slavery, privilege and the complete, total destruction of all concepts of honor, our founders biblical world views, all of it, they are freely destroying. Who is going to restore all our history and monuments and street names and national pride after this has somehow been subdued?

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