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  • "The Ovens ready! Stick the Cookies in!" America has its own "Final Solution!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • No amount of cajoling, threats, and otherwise illegal activities by our government will make me take the vaccine.  Stand up people,  look what they are trying to do to us!  All to take our minds off from the thousands upon thousands of third-world trash coming across our borders and disappearing into our country.  The administration is helping them in every way - while we have veterans sleeping on the streets, these people are put into hotel rooms and taken care of. Stand up and fight back!  Civil disobedience has worked for others in the past!!!! 

    • I agree, civil disobedience HAS worked in the past and it will work in the future as well.. We can't continue the insanity of the vote to accomplishment anything, we've been there, done that although it seems that we the people are content to remain insane!!  We need to take that first step out of this insanity and do something about it.....

  • I'm not putting that poison in my body. The left is a death cult. If they remain in power, eventually they will start offing the elderly and disabled. Then they will say it's for the greater good.

  • Ain't gonna happen to me or anyone I know. 

  • I keep seeing references to "GOP/RNC what are you going to do about this?"

    (imho) the GOP/RNC are a lost cause as far as true American Patriots go.

    The are all;




    conscripted and complicit

    • ADMIN

      That is exactly why I do it. The GOP and RNC do not get a pass - their silence is their complicity.

    • IMHO, the RNC/GOP are just as corrupt and self serving as the Dem/socialist... So, who are we going to elect this time?  More of the same I presume!  How are we going to end this Ken??

    • The GOP has been a bunch of cowards except for a very few who are willing to speak up.  Get off the couch, make sure we get the majority for the House for next year, and get rid of Pelosi once and for all.  If you do nothing, you are equally guilty!!!!


  • Kiss my grits....

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