•  Don't fall for this Crap, "'They"' have NO Intention of EVER Ending this Scamdemic. And when they start going Door to Door picking up those who have Refused their 'Shot' there is Going to be a LOT of people who Will be getting shot and it's Definitely Going to be a Two-Way Street too, that much Everybody can count on.

     You can also be assured of Them making ALL who Refuse the 'shot' to be the Enemy of the People because that is the plan as was laid out in the Rockefeller Foundation's "Lockstep" Plan's Third Phase scenario before it, "The Three Phases For Operation Lockstep" was Scrubbed from the website so that those who refused the 'shot' will have more than just the government to deal with but even your neighbors because "They" Will make the lemmings believe that it Will be the fault of those "Refusers" that will be the reason for things Not "Returning to Normal" when the Reality is Nothing is EVER going to "Return to Normal." So Everybody better begin conditioning themselves because "The Hunger Games" wan't just a movie in the same way "They Live" wasn't either and Please Don't take this as a Joke because I'm Deadly Serious!! 

  • Their drama has no limits just like our borders. 

  • I WILL NOT be Vaccinated for this Purely Perfectly Planned Leftist Political Game..!!! Lies and Deceipt For Leftist Political Agenda..! They ARE NOT Shooting ANY Deadly Chemical Into Me.! I Breath and Eat Enough Chemical The Way It Is Plus Add The 5G Networking That Is Burning Your Brain And Eyeballs and Destroying Peoples Nervous System..!!!

  • I would be more afraid of the silent majority finally getting pi$$ed off.

  • Of course she is scared anyone who holds an office in the white house or any governmental authority should be scared the reason why is because we are living in a dangerous time, COVID-19 is upon us and no one is able to make since of it all, because COVID-19 is purely Demonic and we have a Demon possessed people who is running the government right now. Our only hope is God that's it. 

    • In the midst of our sorrow comes joy... too, know God and the coming day; too, see what others cannot... the joy of our Lord imparting to us a new life... In the midst of the darkness, we sing a new song and declare the glory of our Lord ... for where the Lord is there is abundant joy.

      Look and see, the mountains bow low, the winds cease to blow, and everywhere life speaks of the Majesty of Christ our Lord. Shall we then be bound by our fear, shall we be laid low by our sorrow... nay, for with the dawn a new day begins and life is renewed, joy restored, and we have life evermore in the presence of our God.

      Be of good cheer ye who labor long, whose hands are a testimony of thy will, too make good on God's promises.. for where the Lord is there is abundance and joy... Sorrow has no place here, and the day brings with it everlasting peace. Great is the joy of the righteous in their King and Greatly to be praised is the Lord.  Amen.

  • Of course, she is scared.

    she is afraid that her duplicity will be found out and she will receive the punishment she so richly deserves.

  • Me too, but not for the same reasons. Mine are valid and YOU'RE one of them!!

  • Hold on to what?  Lies?  Deceit and malicious manipulation for political and personal gain?  This Pandemic is man-made and Fouci and friends are up to their necks in its development and are likely responsible for its release.  The timing and economic damage it has done are not coincidental... they appear to be planed.

  • Well, DUH!

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