• This is the way this idiots see how to improve on inflation they are brainless get them out of government control 

  • If everyone took advise from idiots like her we'd all be a bunch of slugs.

  • These smug arrogant asses on Fake New have the gall to talk to the American people like this is sickening to say the lease! if I were to see one of these pompous elitist left wing trash bags in real life it would take more control then I poses to stop from ripping them a part!

    The talking heads we see and here on fake news are more like talking asses spewing oral diarrhea with NO idea of what everyday people are going thru with this administration and the socialist Democrat party bs!

  • Admin Dee asks if "the MSM will ever admit that Biden is destroying our nation with his horrible energy polities". No, the MSM will never admit it. They will never admit that high gas prices and everything else that has gone wrong is Biden's fault. They won't admit this any more than they admitted that Trump's policies were putting the country on the right track again, and that Trump was making America great again. (Remember the MSM's constant criticism of the best president in our lifetimes?) Fortunately Trump left a big legacy by appointing three judges to the Supreme Court, who will continue his great work by ruling in favor of the USA on the basis of the greatest Constitution the world has ever seen.

  • WOW !!  I think the parents should have the final say on whether the kid moves back in or not... A good parent will tell their kid that you have been given the tools you need to survive  so, go out there and survive.....Martha, you nailed it!!!

  • Better yet - go get a job, If you can't afford to live alone, get roommates.  Stop freeloading on your parents.

  • WE? We who. You definately are not talking about and your scum friends and family. You may think of us as scum of the earth but your finer better point back to you.

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