• Just because CBS has made this statement how do they know? I am not a fan of any of these people, but should we just take this as fact without any evidence with the questionable stories CBS puts about. If there is any truth to this though, the DOJ must take action against this disgrace of an AG. If AG Ellison is responsible for allowing the domestic terrorists Antifa to destroy the livelihoods of Minneapolis' citizens, criminal and civil actions must be taken. No one is above the law...

  • Ellison should be executed for supporting these deadly criminal acts and also, his puppet masters.

  • They used to SHOOT LOOTERS, what happened?

  • If you don't live near the "youths" and don't watch MSM these riots are just a big yawner. Enjoy!


  • HALFTRACKS with "MA'DUCE should be the order o the day!!   !!SHOOT TO KILL!!!

  • Another destructive communist. They feed off black hatred.

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