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U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Office of Field Operations seized more than a half ton of salmonella-laced Kratom at the Fort Street Cargo Facility.

The nearly 1,200 pounds of contaminated powder, valued at approximately $405,000, was initially selected for further inspection when agriculture specialists discovered a number of inconsistencies to include an unusual description on the shipping manifest and classification discrepancies.

The intended imports, which originated from China, were manifested as botanical soils from Canada, though Officers and specialists believed it to be consistent in appearance to bulk green tea. Further steps to positively identify the powder were coordinated by Agriculture and Import specialists through Food and Drug Administration lab tests.

Lab results confirmed the substance to be Kratom, but also revealed it to be contaminated with salmonella, a group of bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal illness and fever called salmonellosis, according to the FDA.

The shipment was ultimately seized due to significant risk to public health and safety.

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  • This is being released on the people just as the coronavirus.

  • Good thing Trump is in the White House. We never had anybody there who has been tougher on China and Russia and who has also been more successful with China and Russia. Trump runs circles around Xi and Putin who look like amateurs compared to him. Trump made America great and respected on the world stage again, which was hard work after the disasterous Obama years.

  • I want to give a history lesson to Black Life Matter and their followers. In1954 the Supreme Court ruled that segregated public schools violated the Constitution. Three years later, Arkansas governor Orval Faunus who was a Democrat defied the Supreme Court and deployed the National Guard to prevent nine  black  students from  attending an all white school in Little Rock. President Eisenhower responded with conviction and order the 101st Airborne to Arkansas to protect the "Little Rock Nine" from harassment. On September 9, 1957 signs the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the first civil rights bill since Reconstruction. You have been attacking the wrong party, for years you have been voting for the Democratic Party which goal is to have you depending on them,just look at your district and seethe condition.

    • The General always had a spoft spot in his heart for the Airborne!!!

    • So true.  I remember those years very well.  Unfortunately like a lot of other people, I did not know the true history of the Democratic Party until much later in life due to focus on employment and family.  We also did not have the internet back in those days and such information was hard to find.  However, there is no excuse for members of the Democratic Party today with all the information that is available.  Yet when you talk with Democrats they do not want to listen or hear the truth, they just chalk it up to conspiracy or blame it on the South, which now votes mostly Republican (so to them it is a Republican problem).  BLM is aligned with communist factions and does not want to know the truth they only want chaos and then communism (two of the three founding black females of BLM admit they are Marxists).

  • And right on time before the elections, the so-called numbers that magically appear from no truthful data, just magically spike. Based on nothing of significance. Masks protect nothing of significance. Distancing protects nothing of significance. And yet, we still have to watch the rodeo play out. All I can say is all of us need to find out what our states are now saying about the voting process and make doubly sure each month. 

  • There are no products this country should be purchasing from China, there are plenty of other countries that we can work with that don't hate and want to destroy us. Any supply of drugs, food stuffs, both human and animal, building supplies etc., must be found elsewhere. I also do not trust technology built in China by American companies to not be compromised in some way. This stuff is being assemble by Chinese people and who can say they are loyal to the company employing them and not the Chinese government.

  • This is just one more reason to stop buying crap from China. Cheap is not always better.

  • China SUCKS

  • Biological warfare works good against the rest of the world. red china will say the US Army developed that virus and distributed it. red china hates the US, President Trump, and all real free people of the world. Stop electing democrats to save our country. The ones who believe this and all other red china virus atttacks are unintentional, are members of lenin's useful idiot brigade.

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