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MSNBC: Trump Must Be Ousted From The White House

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Parents Outraged Over Survey Asking 10 Year Olds About Their Sex Lives

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SEDITION: Alex Baldwin Urges Mob To ‘Overthrow US Government’

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NBC Fires Reporter For Wearing MAGA Hat

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This Creepy Porn Lawyer & The DNC Want Me To Run For President

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Alex Jones Sues PayPal For Discriminating Against Conservatives

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Facebook Unveils Creepy ‘Portal’ Camera That Tracks You At Home

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Witches Plan To Hex Brett Kavanaugh In NYC Occult Ritual

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Violent Liberals Set Truck on Fire After Spotting ‘Trump 2020’ Bumper Sticker

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Antifa Storm Republican HQ in NYC, Warning ‘Merely the Beginning’

 Leftist activists associated with Antifa and other radical hate groups attacked the Republican Party headquarters in New York City late Th…

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Political Cartoons by AL Goodwyn

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler


 Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Just Admitted To Everything
I’ve Been Trying To Warn People About The Democrats!ll  

( – Rush Limbaugh, the godfather of conservative punditry, has a hait of being right.

And he’s well aware of this.

During a recent show, the commentator pointed out that Hillary Clinton had recently confirmed everything he’s been saying about Democrats for years.

Clinton, whose recent interview with CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour made headlines for many of the stunning things she said, also made a call for non-civility because the Democrats are not in power.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” she said. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

“(Hillary) pretty much admitted everything I have been trying to warn people of about the American left and the Democrat Party!” Limbaugh responded on his show.

“She went out and in her best Maxine Waters impersonation,” he continued. “She was encouraging people to be uncivil, and she was saying that it was justified being uncivil, given the opposition, the Republicans.”

Rush is well-aware that Democrats have only been feining civility whenever it suits their desperate pursuit of power.

“(I)f they win the House, then they can go back to being civil. If they win the Senate, then they can return to civility,” he summed up Clinton’s position.

“I mean, they’re making the case, they’re proving the point .… In all of this crazy, deranged, unhinged behavior of left-wing activists, I haven’t heard one elected Democrat denounce it,” he explained. “I haven’t heard one elected Democrat attempt to distance himself or herself or the party from it.”

The behavior he speaks of has been on full display in the attempt by an angry mob to disrupt Ted and Heidi Cruz’s dinner last month, and the angry mob that tried to knock down the 30-ton doors to the Supreme Court when Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in.

This is not a change in the tenor of Democrats, Limbaugh explained, but only them showing their true colors.

“They are all encouraging it. My point is: This is who they all are — and with Hillary Clinton now advocating this incivility,” he said.

“What did I tell you yesterday? We’re not in a battle of ideas anymore. We’re not in an argument over ideas,” he continued. “They don’t… They’re not even looking at any of this as about ideas.”

He explained that the right and the left vary not just in ideology, but in their fundmantal view of America.

“They see America today as flawed and illegitimate and, therefore, in need of a new set of defining values that will serve to unify the people who want to be part of America,” he continued.

“Not anything to do with our founding. Not the Constitution. Not the Declaration. That’s out the window ’cause all that’s tainted,” he said, explaining the way the left sees things. “All of that was written by a bunch of privileged white guys who were setting up a system for themselves and their families and their descendants.”

But we don’t even need Limbaugh to explain this…this comes right from the horse’s mouth:

Sarah Palin    @SarahPalinUSA

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Literally Just Came Clean on Everything I’ve Been Saying About the Left

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Literally Just Came Clean on Everything I’ve Been Saying About the Left -...

There are few people who can call out the empty […]

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently declared that “America was never great.”

Michelle Obama claimed to have never been proud of her country until they elected her husband.

Her husband openly admitted he wanted to “fundamentally transform” our country.

Maxine Waters refuses to backtrack on her call to harass GOP lawmakers in public.

All this while Antia wages war on anyone they disagree with, armed with whatever makeshift weapon the can scrape together.

They’re telling is what they’re up to. It’s time to start listening.

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