Obamagate' brings in debate back on Pulitzer Prizes - Organiser

Not until lurid headlines damned Carter Page as a traitor to his country in September 2016, six weeks before the presidential election, did he realize someone was using him to play a dirty political trick.

Reporters had been hounding the energy investor with strangely detailed questions about his ties to Russia. Page told each of them that he was a former US Navy lieutenant, a graduate of Annapolis, an Eagle Scout — hardly a likely protagonist in some cloak-and-dagger drama.

But he had also served as a foreign policy adviser to Donald J. Trump. And secretly, within a collection of Democratic opposition-research memos soon to be known as the Steele Dossier, Page had been cast as the GOP candidate’s liaison to Vladimir Putin.

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  • Carter Page was a willing participant call it for what it is.  He knew what he was getting into and now he has been caught and is trying to back track it.  Total Traitor...the times we live in.

    • Willing participant? you drank the KoolAide my friend.. You will see when Barr and Durham bring the indictments later this summer. You will be lucky if your candidate isn't indicted, although he should be because he was complicent in the whole thing also.


    • Ira, I also expect major and wide spread indictments later this summer or in the fall. October surprise? Trump said that he already saw the documents that show what the samp did and nothing like that has ever happened in the history of the United States. There is no doubt that he and Barr are preparing major indictments.

  • We all know that all Trump associates who got charged or even convicted are victims of the deep state. Some like traitor Cohen sold out and aligned with the deep stars.

  • No one is going to jail. The rightwing traitors will no longer be able to hold any office higher than dog catcher, because they broke leftist law, and the leftist insurectionalists will be given a nobel peace prize for bringing the right wing to heel.

  • So, who is going to jail. HAS ONLY BEEN 4 YEARS.

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