• When we take our country back,these two belong in the firing squad line also!!!!

  • In the 1972 Olympics there was a very young Russian Girl named Olga Korbet, who on the "Uneven Parallel Bars" performed two maneuvers that had never been seen by the World before. The Arena and World was on its feet with astonishment! "Live Television" and Her Performance was repeated for over an hour! She did it with such poise, grace and fluidity as to make the World Wonder "Why haven't We seen this before?" President Trump's Triumphs very much reminded me of the event of that day. After Olga's performance the Olympic Committee "Outlawed" those Maneuvers as being "Too Dangerous!" See any similarities between Olga and Donald? One can still Google Olgas Performance.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • And Olga stood proudly before the world as a  representative of her homeland Russia... she didn't kneel, or raise her fist in a fit of rage and protest against the USSR ... she didn't politicize her performance or denigrate her homeland... unlike some on the USA Olympic team have disgraced themselves and our nation with their seedy and despicable behavior.  I for one have stopped watching the Olympic's and nearly all professional and college team and individual sports.

  • These two individuals are simply Marxist operatives... and always have been.  Trump is not a war criminal, he worked to remove our troops from foreign interventions. Trump is unlike the Democrats who have politicized war and the US Military,  The Democrats routinely use the military to achieve political ends.  These idiots failed to name a single incident involving Pres. Trump that could be reasonably cited as a war crime.

  • Communist TOOLS!!!

  • Carl Berstein is the Worst of the Worst: And Brian Stelter of CNN is TOO!!! Just another couple of nothing Jackasses that attempt  to make a  name for themselves by LIBELing PDJT!!!

  • President Donald Trump ... best President since President Ronald Reagan!!

  • For those who may have forgotten the meaning, Google "Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance." Perhaps this will bring unification and end the bickering.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • And Bumbstein is a blooming idiot!

  • Skeptical

    In rebuttal to a period covering One Decade, you choose to bring forth a Sideways Comparison from Five Decades Ago? Why not reach further back to the Exodus? One simply cannot play Baseball on a Golf Course!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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