• Thank you Candace ... Yes yes yes.


    Constitutional Amendment XXVIII

    Voter rights and procedure

    Section 1.  Only registered voters may vote. A register voter must prove citizenship in the United State of America, the person must be alive in the local, city, county, state, and USA of an election. Exception: military personal who will be automatically registered at time of service. These registered voter lists must be updated every 30 days. (This should be easy to set up by contact with vital statistics and utility companies, etc...) At election time all who vote must match the voter list and get one vote each.

     Section 2. All election procedures, equipment, software, etc. Must be approved by referendum vote of the registered voters of the local, city, county and state held on July 1 every 2 years.

    Section 3. When 5% of the registered voters request a referendum vote on any government legislation, any part of any legislation or any executive order, it must be brought up on the ballot of the next local, city, county, state, and federal election to which that legislation or executive order applies too.

    Section 4. When 20% of the registered voters sign a petition to recall any elected official there must be a recall election setup immediately.

    Section 5. Any violation of this Amendment is punishable by five years in prison or $250,000 fine or both. Any deliberate violation is treason and in this case is punishable by death.

  • She calls it as she sees it, one great lady

  • LOVE THE GIRL and she is so right! It's funny, but it seems nobody on the Democratic side ever wants to debate her! She would make a perfect Vice President to start. 

  • Not only Insurrectionist, but Traitor. 

  • Do the American people really believe that we will take back the Congress, Senate, and Presidency in 2022 and 2024. I do not think this will happen. They stole the election in 2020 and what will stop them from doing this again. 

    • Yes, they know the drill now! Our choice is Article 5 or civil war, THATS it! 

    • President Trump was the last President of "THE UNITED STATES."  We now have a "Restored Republic" and Donald J. Trump is the nineteenth President.


  • Do your homework before voting for any REPUBLICAN. You get what you vote for (except in 2020) Watch for the RHINOS and punish any of them that go against the Rep values. I also think it is time for TERM LIMITS on Congress and Senate. We do not send them there to get filthy RICH

    • We need to kick out the Rep's from both sides that don't adhere to our Constitution or their oath of office. We need these people to work for us again, NOT THEIR PARTY OR THEMSELVES, We also need line Veto! 

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