• Knowing is not doing... I believe that most intelligent and informed Americans know that our Constitutional Republic experienced a major COUP thru A RIGGED ELECTION... most know the MSM are propagandists for the Marxist movement in the USA... Most  American's understand that White and Christian America is under siege by the Marxist in both Political Parties... that America is in serious, serious trouble and that ELECTIONS will not solve the problem... Knowing is not enough.

    We need to fill the streets and the halls of government... with protests demanding the recall of the sitting government... not more SPEECHES ... not more investigations ... not more rigged Elections... America needs active and effective Patriot leadership. The resourcing and organizing of massive passive-aggressive demonstrations,  which shut down government and industry, as necessary to bring about a RECALL of ALL the current members of our Federal Government, subject to new elections and appointments. America needs an Article 5 Convention NOW, not tomorrow.  It needs an Amendment to recall and reset the Government; along, with a Term Limits Amendment that kills the power of incumbency and both political parties. 

    We need effective, well-organized, and resourced activism, not debate.  We need our cheerleaders to suit up and take the field.

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't agree more and like you, I am too old and disabled to "get out into the streets" to protest.  The grunt work will have to be done by those younger who have so much more at stake, a future of tyranny, torture, and death camps or liberty if they are willing to preserve it with their actions.  I am willing but not able.  Like Col. Nelson I served the country in the military but didn't make it a career as he did,. I wish I had done so but didn't.  Okay young people, will you fight for freedom or bow to satanic communist tyranny, it is up to you?

  • I totally agree with every word, thank you Candace!! Wait until you are behind the one-sided Media or the communist democrats “8” ball. You will wake up then, huh?

  • Wow, wow, wow she is on fire.

  • Time to tell BLM, Antifa and even politicians you don't control our laws we will not be afraid of you our laws apply to all even the unborn child 

    • Laws SHOULD apply to all but with the satanic devildemocommiecrats and/or deep state gop establishment hacks in charge satan decides who laws apply to.  It is RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!


    • that's right


  • Yes she is so right  , God  bless her. 

  • She is one smart lady

  • So sickening. And demented Biden says the evidence is overwhelming? Reprobate degenerates are running the country. And BLACKS ARE THE WORST RACISTS.

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